The silent settled, morning mist:

In for the day.

Tendrils of whispy white, reaching out;

To cling to passing people, making their way.


The Sun and wind rose, diminishing the mist:

Clearing the vecinity and vision.

Tendrils of floating mist raised aloft;

To fill the firmanent; was its mission.


Remnants remaining of the obscure fingers of mist:

Thinned and parted, so I could see.

Trailing behind in the heavenly ascent:

Was a vision of clarity.


How the Sun blazed and dazed!:

It's heat coursed through you.

Climbing on it's arc, across the blue sky it craved:

With sailing silky mist; up high, arose the vapourized dew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 



Just weather watching. Was so pleased when the mist finaly cleared.

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