My Brother's Watches


My brother, he’s a very strange man; he always has to wear a watch. I remember when we were young and we both got our first “grown-up timepiece.” My father gave us both a sports watch, to which my brother responded with: “No, dad. I want a real grown up watch, one that actually tells time.” I couldn’t care less, but he didn’t like his sports watch because it was digital, and somehow didn’t appear to tell time for him. And as he grew up my father kept giving him watches for every milestone that he had. My brother, he’s a very interesting man. He has traveled a lot around the globe but his favorite country has always been England.  He says it reminds him of more simple times when all an honorable man had to own was a good watch. Our mother used to take us to London every winter, and he lived in Leeds for a while, so he has picked up that heavy Yorkshire accent overtime. My brother, he’s a very unique man. He says he can’t go a day without a watch, that it is to him as if he were to walk into the world naked. I could never understand this time-telling wrist device obsession he has; I guess he inherited it from our Dad. I have never seen my dad go to work without a suit, and so goes for my brother. He reminds me of a very old English gentleman, with his tailor-made suits to his old style 1910s custom made high button shoes, and watches older than our old man. And he’s got them in every kind, vintage, contemporary, new-old-stock, real old or very new. Although he doesn’t really fancy the newer kind; as I said, he appears to me to have the taste of a very old Englishman, even though he has just turned 24. My brother, he’s a very resourceful man. On Sunday afternoons, when I’m just passing time, he straps a couple of his automatic watches around my wrists and make me walk around the house with them; he calls me his very own watch-charging machine. My brother, he’s a very intelligent man. He’s going to Oxford this fall. He doesn’t like his job even though he works at a very important bank, he studied finances but the position he has isn’t the one he wanted; I guess you can’t always get what you want. He counts the days until he can start packing up his things and fly to England. With him he’ll take the very large watch collection he has, specially his favorite one, a 1921 Les Historiques Vacheron Constantin.

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