What "Is"

Happiness Is so dear

Happiness Is sincere

Happiness Is reckoning with G-D

Whom we all love and Fear

Sadness Is death

Sadness Is a breath

That sooner or later

Will reside no more

Anger Is a temporary state

Anger Is a part of us all

It Is a vicious animal

with too many lives

Pity Is for the good

Pity Is truly somthing that should

Be looked upon as a divine favor

For if not, what ever would....  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a very simple poem.  Maybe my first. I wrote this many years ago.  Although it is short and simple, one may still perceive the essence of its truth. These four feelings are a mainstay in our "human condition."  We all  have to come to terms with them when our personal development will be challenged from time to time.  To succeed as a human being, requires mastering and controlling them and learning to grow with them by sharing with others.  Only then, will we find true fullfilment and purpose in our existence.  

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