The days blur from one shade of gray to another 

haphhazard heart only beats when the possibility of entering your atmosphere nears,

and even then, reality is quick to set in.

abandoned left to my own devices in matters concerning love 

how easy it would be,

if it could leave you and nestle back into my heart again

ready to flutter off and settle on some other worthy occupation

bursting with colours like your eyes rivers of warmth like your smile 

you walk through me as if I didon't exist 

you build walls as you walk creating a maze around you 

and yet, memories must linger, sparking  as you catch them in my eyes and smile into my soul, another torturous moment,

Perhaps, on purpose to check in with your prisoner. 

Cleary, I have nothing but trophy status gathering dust.

An urn with the ashes of our love smoldering with no air

I wait for the last ember to burn off white 

but that's the miracle of love,

it exists on nothing at all

and still stupidly, I design our reunion with not even a hope at all

and nothing to gain,  except living once again, lost in your eyes, 

for a lighter shade of gray.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

saved so I didn't lose it to be continued...

its almost there... 

ok that's it for now,

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