It’s one

that I’m still

having trouble

sorting out


my friend is

all wounded

because his girlfriend

was cheating (not with me)


which, of course,

is a perfectly natural

response to the matter


but it gets tedious

when he tries to act

like this is some

singular horror in history


I point out

that he cheated

on both his first

two girlfriends


and he tries

to play out

like this is somehow

different from that


but I ain’t buying it

for a New York minute

that it’s any different


what goes around

comes around

and sometimes

it really smarts


but if we don’t regret

our own sins

we really shouldn’t condemn

someone else’s sins


that sort of hypocrisy

doesn’t seem to get us

anywhere we need to go.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in the early 90's.  What a piece of work that friend was.  I guess we have to learn to accept each other warts and all.