What inspires you

                       What fires you

                       What tires you

                       What gives you desire

                  What does fascinate you

                What do you think is great

                 What do you hate

                  What does you delight

   What thoughts do you have to fright

               What gives you a fright

              What keeps you up at night

           What thoughts go around and around in your head while you lay in bed


                       What intrigues you

                       What deceives you

                      What about do you care

                      What gives you nightmares

                      What about do you get scared

                       What gives you joy

                       What does you annoy

                       What makes you fly

                       What makes you cry

                      What makes you keep on when you try


                       What makes you hurry

                       What makes you worry

                        What makes you scream

                        What makes you dream

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