I know, there's a place I can go.

                       A boat, that floats called Blind Faith.

                    A place I can find, when I go in my mind.

                       The boat called Blind.

It's a safe bet, that good meals will be served in

                        the dinette.

                     In the deckhouse, I can look at a book.

                              On a bed, thoughts in my head.

                  I listen to the water clap, tap, lap, against

                                   the hull.

                   In the bed, I lay, enjoying the gentle sway.

                             I listen to the sound of a gull.

        The teak.  seek.  teal.  feel.

        I see, in the master bedroom, can watch a movie or TV.


                             The sand bar is not far.

                          The beach is within reach.

                         Cruise, through the sea of blues.

                   Across Cape Cod bay, Provincetown is only

         a short way.

                       There are other places too

                 Block Island, Point Judith,


           RI Sound, a great deal of excitement can be found.

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