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I got married in Spain!



I got married in Spain

to a black Catholic guy

I was in a hotel 

I did not see him

When I saw 

his friend! Who said

Now you spend three

days  with me, Its Sunday today?

How I make money is my business

I heard him talk to many friends of mine

some men, some women, he seemed

he was busy with his life.


I waited for my husband and slowly

found that he was going to be away

in another part of life, a dimension

that was too big for me, a man psychic once

told me, you are afriad of his friends

but he likes your friends, My husband lets

my life, not interferring destinial, oddities

people who work in Politics, all kinds of people

scammers, bribers, corruption people


My husbans says my wife talks to "suit men" who ruin

my brothers lives, and my mama and her poppin'

pimp that calls me Son


He told his audience once my Somali wife asked

me is Jesus black, and said to me you should convert to Islam

that is when we were dating, now she is more Christian than me

talking about divinity, saying we need not fight or we need not a revolution

like Che, that is the only revolution


I think maybe he will divorce me, three 

times like a Muslim man, like in the Sharia Law,

At least if he is choosing that Law, the Sharia

or like in the African religions, customs, in religions than

maybe his family will not be happy. 

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