Teaching Listening and Speaking

Teaching Listening and Speaking

Name: Md. Ziaul Haque

Country: Bangladesh

Grade (Age): G15 (Ages 20-25)

Class Size: Medium Class


The types of activities I use to teach speaking are:


Asking Questions: My students have a common tendency to listen more than speak. Therefore, I ask them certain questions that they try to answer. If they are unable to complete the sentences, in that case, I help them out by providing hints.

Showing Pictures: I show pictures to the pupils and ask them to explain those in English.

Watching Movies Together: We watch movies together and after the movies end, I ask them individually to critically interpret certain scenes in English.

Presentation: I give individual topics to the pupils. They perform the presentations in English with the help of PowerPoint slides.

Sharing Interesting Experiences: I ask the learners to share some of their funny or interesting experiences by using the English language.

Talk in Groups: I ask them to talk to one another in English about the weather, motherland, rainy season and so on by maintaining groups.

Staging Dramas in English: I direct stage-dramas where the students participate as actors and their speaking skill is boosted in this process since they need to throw the dialogues in English.

Poetry Recitation: I inspire my dear learners ever to recite poetry in English and it also helps them in speaking.


The types of activities I use to teach listening are:


Listening to English Songs: I play certain English songs in the classroom and ask the students to listen to the songs attentively especially the pronunciation of the words.

Listening to English News: I advise the pupils to listen to the English news daily at home.

Watching Movies: Watching movies is effective not only in speaking but also in listening. So, we watch movies together to improve the listening skill.

Listening Attentively to the Teacher’s Lecture and the Classmates’ Answers in English: I also advise the students to pay heed to my lecture and also the responses of the classmates. In this process, their listening proficiency will certainly be improved.

Listening to Certain Vital Radio Programs: I tell the learners to listen to the English radio programs frequently which will boost their listening capacity up for sure.

Listening to the English Debates: I also instruct the students to listen to the English debates as much as possible. It is so good for the listening skill.

Staging Dramas in English: Every now and then, I work as a director of the stage-dramas and, by listening to the English dialogues, the pupils can improve their listening proficiency.


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