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4 Ways Of Using Sawdust In Aussie Farms, Gardens, And Veggie Nurseries

When it comes to sawdust in Perth Western Australia or elsewhere, its use on the farm isn’t bad in itself rather the way it’s use. It’s a costly material that could be put to excellent use on farms for several purposes but also features its own downsides. It can bring about nitrogen deficiency sometimes and you would have to supplement with fertiliser. Sawdust that’s used with the intention of moisture conservation ends in your farm or garden requiring fertiliser sometimes. This article shows readers the best means of putting it to use without producing any adverse effects. The article takes a close look at the pros of using it on your farm or garden.


1. Tiny seeds broadcasting

If you plant local leafy veggies or you desire to plant lettuce, carrot, and onions directly on the field, then you might want to consider using this valuable material as a filter by thoroughly mixing it with the seeds and then having them broadcasted on the field. Doing this helps in ensuring that the seeds are not packed too closely on the soil, thus making sure that there’s sufficient space in between plant stands after they germinate.


2. Soil amendment

As another option, you might want to add little amounts of this gardening material to the soil to improve its texture and boost organic matter. This is as it is quite slow in decomposing; it functions particularly well in heavy, moist soils like clay, in which soil amendments appear to quickly break down. This is among the foremost reasons why lots of gardeners in Western Australia keep seeking sawdust supplies. After final decomposition, soil that features decomposed sawdust becomes truly rich. You could as well pack sawdust that’s thoroughly decomposed for this purpose.


3. Repelling slugs

Are you into organic farming? Ifyes, then it could help you in keeping slugs at a clear distance, particularly if you are into the cultivation of leafy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, kale, and so on. You should have the area around susceptible crops cleared, then have the foliage raised so it doesn’t touch the soil, then apply a couple of inches around the base of the plants.


4. Have root parenting organs stored

This material could be utilised in storing root planting materials for a coming planting season. Root vegetables such as beets, ginger, carrots, turnips, and so on, could be wrapped very carefully inside sawdust that is completely dry and then kept far away from water as well as moisture. The sawdust helps greatly in retaining the moisture that is contained inside the organs so as to effectively prevent outright dehydration that could eventually render the organs useless. What this means is that you can use it to safely store ‘seedlings’ of root vegetables that you will be planting in a coming farming season.


In conclusion, when it concerns sawdust in Perth Western Australia or anywhere else in the world, these are the four foremost ones out of the many varying ‘whys’ for which it is used on gardens, farms, as well as vegetable nurseries. It is strongly believed that you will surely discover a use or two among the ones that have been listed here for the supply you might have stockpiled at home.

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