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Oilless fryer which one to buy?

If you are evaluating the purchase of an oil less fryer or air fryer you have come to the best comparison available. To prepare this review we have used customer opinions, sales rankings in Spain and our own experience. If you have already used any of the reviewed models or want to share your experience with another brand, we will be delighted.

Yes, an oil-free fryer will be consistent with your purpose of preparing healthy cuisine, with fewer calories. Every day we are busier in preparing healthy cuisine, choosing the best ingredients and balancing our diet to include all kinds of foods.

You love healthy food, you steamed regularly but you miss fried food, especially for its taste. Well, there is a solution, a product that will allow you to cook with hardly any oil (reducing its use by 80%) or directly without oil: oil-free fryers or hot air fryers.

We say cooking and not frying since, properly speaking, the oil-free fryer does not fry but rather works in a similar way to an oven but in a much more practical and faster way and of course with lower energy consumption.

4 great benefits of an oil-free fryer

The reduction of extra calories that the fact of frying in oil or fat contributes to the food you are cooking

The reduction of cooking time and the fact that you can program time and power

The reduction of energy consumption compared to cooking in the oven (the most similar technology)

Ease of cleaning, nothing to do with cleaning a traditional deep fryer

With an oil-free fryer, this contribution will be much lower or even zero, depending on whether you want to spray oil (to give flavor) or not to the food to be cooked. Cooking with fewer calories is already possible.

Therefore we can conclude that basically the reduction of calories in the preparation of fried foods.

How does an oil less fryer or hot air fryer work?

Its principle of operation is similar to an oven , cooking through rapid hot air circulation . An oil-free fryer is made up of the container (which is what determines the capacity and where you must evaluate what volume you need) and time and temperature controls.

What foods can you prepare in a deep fryer without oil?

Surely one of the first dishes you can imagine is fried potatoes, but you can also prepare fish, nuggets, dumplings, chicken, skewers, eggs, etc. Even fried eggs!


Remember that the principle of these appliances makes them a fryer with little oil, maintaining the flavor but without adding calories.

Other options for cooking without oil, have you ever considered it?

Have you ever wondered what other kitchen utensils can help you cook without oil? As an example, a good non-stick frying pan allows you to cook with little oil, achieving effects similar to those mentioned to those achieved with a fryer without oil. In our case we have a special post to help you choose the best option for oil-free pans , which you can read here

To choose the best oil-free fryer, keep these tips in mind

Yes, it is good that you analyze several points when deciding on the best oil-free fryer for your home, not just the price, capacity or consumption.

7 aspects to analyze in your choice:

Oil-free fryer price : price is obviously the number 1 criterion but not the only one, a slightly higher investment than expected can give good results in the long term

Warranty in Spain who answers if you have a problem? Having an official technical service in Spain is always a plus.

Capacity for how many people do you usually cook for? Think about this point so as not to buy something too big or small for your day to day

Dimensions (space needed in the kitchen) where are you going to store the fryer without oil? We know that in the kitchen there is usually not enough space ... think about where you are going to store it before choosing it.

Spare parts is it disposable? no! Choose appliances that can be repaired to extend their useful life.

Consumption : the power will be transferred directly to your electricity bill ... keep that in mind

Previous user opinions : a must in any current purchase is to know the experience of previous users and their evaluation of real use.

The 5 Best Oil-Free Deep Fryers and Where to Buy Them

To present these 5 options we have evaluated the experience, price and quantities sold in Spain for based on oil-free fryer real opinions.

Russell Hobbs Oil Free Fryer

In this case we have selected the Purifry Russell Hobbs model . Located in the middle price range, it is in high demand in Spain. A powerful machine well valued by its users. Mydeal review


Russell Hobbs Oil Free Fryer

The Russell Hobbs brand has official representation in Spain and has an authorized technical service.

Dimensions: Width 32.8 cm, Length 32 cm. Height 38.4 cm.

Price: approximately 140 euros

Where you can buy it: the best price is here .

Quality approved by Test Magazin

Philips oil-free fryer

Our choice. The Phillips brand is very popular, accessible and has technical sales and service points all over the world. The Philips Airfryer model is the most popular in Spain and Europe and the one that we consider has the best price / quality ratio.

Phillips Oil Free Fryer

Dimensions: Width 28.7 cm, Length 38 cm. Height 32 cm.

Accessories available

Price: 180 euros approximately

Where you can buy it: find the best option here .

Lidl oil free fryer

The Silvercrest fryer marketed by LIDL has good opinions and is the one that is in the lower price range. Its quality of materials and operation is good although it is below the other models. It is a good choice if you give it occasional use.

Lidl oil free fryer

Dimensions: Width 28.7 cm, Length 38 cm. Height 32 cm.

Price: approximately 70 euros

Where you can buy it: it is not possible to buy it online, only in its shops and in limited periods

Tefal Actifry oil-free fryer

The Tefal Actifry fryer is the most complete, large and powerful. The Tefal brand is recognized throughout the world and has sales and technical service points in Spain.




Dimensions: Width 48 cm, Length 38.6 cm. Height 31 cm.

Accessories available

Price: 200 euros approximately

Where you can buy it: available here

Princess oil-free fryer

The Princess Aerofryer XL model  is the one with the largest capacity of those compared here. Its price appears in the lower part of the comparison as the most accessible after the Silvercrest model with the advantage that you can buy it online. Princess is a brand of Princess Household Appliances BV from the Netherlands.

Princess oil-free fryer

Dimensions: Width 38 cm, Length 34 cm. Height 34 cm.

Digital remote

Price: approximately 110 euros

Where you can buy it: available here

Your experience with a hot air fryer or oilless fryer

In addition to what we propose we would like to read your experience with the use of this appliance, is it worth buying an oil-free fryer? What experience of use have you had with the Russell Hobbs, Lidl, Phillips, Tefal or Princess models?

Many times the doubt arises as to whether it is worth buying an air fryer or you can make the same type of cooking without buying it. The reality is always that it depends on each home and the type of kitchen you choose for consumption. In Spain, fried foods are the order of the day, many dishes go through oil, and having an alternative that reduces calories is good news.

Another point to take into account before buying is the space it will occupy, we have included this information in the comparison so that you can get an idea of the dimensions you need to incorporate it into your kitchen.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In this case we have selected the Purifry Russell Hobbs model . Located in the middle price range, it is in high demand in Spain. A powerful machine well valued by its users.