Love nothing alone loneliness what I would do have done

What I Would Do, But...

I would walk with you when the sun rises
Again when it's falling
And after it falls
Watch the landscape with you
And have you point to where you're going on the horizon
Then I would reach it for you
And see that side of the world with you
We would settle and watch the scenery and life go by
Share a story or a kiss
Embrace each other
While laughing from sheer happiness
And I'll remind you how I love you
Then I would wade in our own mutuality
I'm not who you're looking for
I'm not good enough
Not smart enough
Not charming enough
This is all just a fairytale
Read it and runaway
When my fifteen minutes of fame are over
I'll be alone again
And then I'll write again Because...
Everywhere I go I see your shy yet resilient face
I hear your confident but modest voice
Your memorable yet not obnoxious smell
And when you're around
I'll still shake
A beautiful girl like you makes my heart jump
As I stated before
Your grace evades me
And you leave me
Empty and lonely

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The girl

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