Remember as a child…when it was raining and you sat by your window pane….

knowing you could’t stop the raindrops…you quietly watched the rain?


As you sat watching raindrops cascading from the sky

without making a sound

you knew eventually the rain would stop and be absorbed into the ground.


And even when the rain stopped falling and the sun was shining

although you knew not where or when

you understood there’d come come a time the rain would fall again.


I wonder if these moments were preparing us

for when a friend’s or lover’s tears fall like rain.

knowing we can’t stop their teardrops we sit beside them

and quietly watch their pain.


As we watch teardrops cascading from their eyes

as down their cheeks they scroll

we know eventually their tears will stop

and be absorbed into their soul.


And even when their tears stop falling and their smile returns

although we know not where or when

we understand those tears absorbed into their soul

will fall from their eyes again.

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