My Love For Him;

 Since words can't quite express, I

need you to imagine a million roses at best.


The blue sea at night lit up by the stars

or the beautiful hum of a few guitars.


A summer breeze gently kissing your face,

the slightest touch soft as lace.


Or deep in the forest where the sun dances off the trees,

shining light below to the animals and bees.


Your arms are my home,

Safe in your embrace.

Content with you in this time and place.


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Spring Renewal

The scent of a Dragon Blood incense slowly filling the room.

The distant sound of frogs chirping, like a bedtime chorus, making its way through an open window for the first time this spring.

Your strong loving arms holding me close, feeling the the gentle rise and fall of your chest.

The feeling of your warm breath just barely caressing the back of my neck, as you’re curled up behind me.

Tonight I am completely at peace.


Tonight, I am at home in your arms.