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'Lately, I've been in deep thought. Like the drifting away when someone tells you a story that really doesn't make any sense at all. I've been thinking of all the different ways to express how my thoughts has me numb for I don't feel anything anymore, because what's the use of having any feelings if you can't use them at all?

I spent many nig...hts outside looking up upon the starry nights. Freezing tremendously yet feel that warmth heart-felt feeling inside. I often wondered how I could match many incidents I came across that it played a picture of you in my mind. How such a feeling I continue to have ever since our first conversation that time. How I could feel thoughts just looking deeper in your eyes. How one person could have such a deep emotion yet has to live life as if everything is alright. We kissed one night yet it was only a game. Little did I know that feeling would continue after that night and flow through my veins.

For the nights are my only friends. The time I use to think. The time I use to pray. The time I use to drift my mind off to another place. A place where I imagine things between us. A place where there's no room for tears but layers of love. The comfort of finding that true love. The sense of security of a commitment so strong. The moment we all wish to be part of. I held you tight in my arms I whisper nothing but true affection. But I also feared an upcoming rejection. You see in my deep thoughts I could placed the missing puzzle. I could make it through any maze. I could win any race. I could give you the world and see your beautiful face every day.

In this place of deep thought there is no wrong just comfort of two individuals in love. I fall deeper each time I drift off into this world but it's the only place I could call you my world. But as reality sets in. Like someone waking you up in the middle of having that real good dream. I look around and know that as much as I want you. I know that possibility of having you will exist within only a dream and live as a painful feeling in reality. So when I say let me take you out some place. I don't mean that fancy restaurant or to see a romantic movie. Let me take you to that place where ecstasy is more than an expression it's an environment where people could truly be themselves and not fear any rejections or be ashamed of their reflection.

It's a place where I always drift off. When the world could be so cruel I go there to ease my thoughts and think of life. Feel happier more than any paradise. A place like within your heart. Where only pure innocents exists. Where only unconditional love lives. A place where I wish you and I could live.'


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Types of Poems

There are sooooo
many different kinds
of poetry!

More than I'd
have ever thought!

There are
Abc poems,
Analogy Poetry,
Blank Verse,
and Canzone Poetry.

Classicism Types,
Dactyl Poetry,
and Haiku Poetry.

Irony poetry,
Lyric Poetry,
Refrain Poetry,
and Senryu Poetry.

Alexandrine Poetry,
Ballad Poems,
Burlesque Types,
Carpe diem,
and Conceit Poetry.

More are
Epic Poems,
Epithalamium Form,
Idyll Poetry Types,
Lay Poetry Types,
Name Poem,
and Pastoral Poetry.

Alot more are

Rhyme Royal,
Terza rima,
Prose and Prose Poetry,


Ballade Poetry,


Cinquain Poetry,
Couplet Poetry,
Free Verse,
Imagery Poems,
Narrative Poetry,
Quatrain Poetry,
Romanticism Type,
and Sonnets.

but certainly
not least,
is Verse!

These are the
different kinds
of poems.

It's alot,
maybe for
the first time,
you can just look
at a single poem,
and know the
different kinds of

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was looking up different kinds of poetry, and wondered how many different types of poems there are, and this is the result of that curiosity! Please comment and let me know what you think!

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