Located on the banks of Loire River, Nantes is an important city located in north west of France. Nantes is a pleasant city and also been votes ad most liveable city of France by Times magazine. The splendid scenery, beautiful galleries, museums and spectacular castles are major attractions of Nantes. Interesting sights and attractions are scattered all around the city and to the outskirts too in Nantes. For better and comfortable exploration you can hire a car from car4hires. Nantes have hundreds of reason for attracting people from all over the world. This lively and inventive city has restored many of its old buildings and turned them into an interesting tourist attractions. City is known for inventions, cultural activities, festivals and regeneration projects.This forward-thinking French city has one or the other thing for every visitor. Some of the best attractions of Nantes have been short-listed beneath.



It is a grand innovative museum in Nantes which have most unique experiences to offer. You will see a giant mechanical Elephant strolling around the banks of Loire followed by sea snake and Manta Ray. This outstanding museum is creation and invention of Francois Delaroziere and Pierre Orefice. Once you visit this museum you will fall in love with this fantasy world and kids love it the most. Mechanical flying herons, mammoth tree branches and jumbo ants are unique highlights of this museum.



It is popular large castle set located in heart of the city. It is a stunning example of French architecture which calls for a must visit. For best views of this beautiful complex structure, visit it at night for sure. It served as the seat of Province of Brittany till 1941. It is also listed as national historic monument and home to Nantes Historic Museum showcasing nearly 850 artefacts and rich heritage of the region.



It is city’s largest and most beautiful botanical garden open daily from 12:30 am to 6 pm. More than 500 varieties of flowers are found here giving spectacular look to the garden. A stroll through the garden is most relaxing and unwind the noise of city. This masterpiece of nature was founded in 18th century.



Also known as Nantes Cathedral it is a Roman Catholic Church situated in the heart of city. It features architectural forms with white stone, large towers, huge decorated gates. It is a peaceful and charming historic religious place offering great experience located in the centre of the city.




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 The nuts are everywhere.  You never know where you’ll find them.  Even in the most unusual places, they pop up and rear their ugly heads.


One time, I was traveling in Southeast Asia.  I was heading from Siem Reap to Bangkok.  I was riding along in a chartered minibus.  The first bus from Siem Reap arrived at the border and stopped.  This bus wouldn’t cross the border.  We needed to pass through customs and get picked up by another bus on the other side of the border.  The second bus would complete our journey to Bangkok.


I have American Dollars and Cambodian riels.  I figured that I would eventually need some Thai Bahts to get along in Bangkok.  There was a small bank at the border.  It seemed like as good a place as any to exchange currency.  I figured this would save some time later.


I have the misfortune of running into an ex-pat American.  We get in a conversation and I make the mistake of letting him know where I work.  Let’s just say I have a particularly taxing government job.


This guy is not a big fan of the American tax system and I find myself on the receiving end of a bruising lecture.  I’m getting an earful on the unfairness of the American tax code.  He didn’t feel he should pay taxes.  I really didn’t care although I noticed his unwillingness to forfeit that American passport.


I was just standing there jaw agape.  What are the odds?  I’m halfway around the world at the Thai-Cambodian border and I’m getting chewed out about unfair taxation.


“Crack addict on welfare!”  I thought to myself, “ Why didn’t I just tell him I was a crack addict on welfare when he asked.”


It might have sounded slightly more dignified.  And it certainly might have made for a more pleasant conversation.




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Take up a bus travel experience from Hyderabad to Anantapur

Take up a bus travel experience from Hyderabad to Anantapur

The road distance from Hyderabad to Anantapur is estimated to be 356kms and takes around eight hours to complete the journey by bus. I opted for an AC sleeper bus, as they are secure for lengthy night visiting. Additionally, Hyderabad is connected well by using roadways; buses most commonly link many of the places frequented via vacationers. Anantapur being one of the favoured places in Andhra Pradesh is effortlessly accessed through bus from Hyderabad. I booked online bus tickets from and all my travel woes have been reduced. There are a decent number of bus companies offering services between the two cities and creating enough amount of travel convenience for many commuters.

On the other hand, Anantapur is poised in the westernmost part of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. This location is believed to be very renowned among vacationers given that the whole district of Anantapur is famous for its silk enterprise and holds fairly a combination of historical yore.

I boarded the bus from Anantapur pick up point at 2pm and reached Hyderabad at 11pm. The bus travel was for almost 8 hours where they gave rest stops too. I was travelling in an AC semi sleeper bus that was comfortable and the staff in the bus ensured that all its passengers were travelling in ease.

Hyderabad being one of the popular travel destinations in Southern India, I had always wanted to visit this place. My bus travel experience was a pleasant one!

I waiting to explore the Charminar, Golconda Fort, Mecca Masjid, The Salar Jung Museum, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs and many others. I also waited to sample the Mughal and Persian style of cuisine.

As I reached the bus stop, I found my friend waiting for me. Overall, it was a great experience of traversing to Hyderabad by a bus!

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Travel to some of the Top Business Hotels of Singapore by Bus

The top business hotels of Singapore are all centrally located and are known to be equipped with well-trained staff who are always keen on getting the job done in an efficient manner. The country’s main business district, which is the central business district of Singapore, is located just to the South of China Town and is in close proximity to the Marina Bay. The best part about these business hotels is that they are easily reachable by road and so if you are travelling from Malaysia it wont be quite an issue. There are many buses that will take you directly to the door step of these hotels. I booked my bus tickets from and I was quite happy with the experience.


Mandarin Orchard Singapore The Mandarin Orchard Singapore was formerly known as Mandarin Singapore. It is located at Orhard Road and is a 40 storey block hotel. It was one of the tallest hotels of Singapore at a height of over 170 metres. It opened its doors to the people in the year 1970. It is in close proximity to rapid MRT subway systems and is just 30 minutes away from the Changi International Airport. Located right in the heart of the city it serves as one of the best jumping off points for all the surrounding attractions which also includes the famous shopping district Orchard Road.


One of the best part of this hotel is that it also houses its very own shopping arcade on the lower levels for people who do not wish to shop on the busy streets. You can also pamper yourself with the in-house retail therapy. It is home to over 177 guest rooms with 2 restaurants that serves delicious local and global cuisine. If you are looking forward to just cooling yourself, the hotel also has a huge outdoor pool. There is also a state of the art fitness centre for the fitness enthusiasts. A stay here will cost you around SGD250. Significant landmarks like China Town, Heritage Centre, The National Museum of Singapore, National Orchid Garden, Peranakan Museum as well as the Singapore Botanic Gardens are all easily reachable from here.


Intercontinental Singapore The Intercontinental Singapore is an attractive Peranakan style construction that is beautifully lit at night. It is one of the only luxury hotels to have preserved the Peranakan artistry in a unique shop house style setting. It is located in close proximity to the Bugis Junction Complex. The hotel is just 30 minutes away from the Changi International Airport and at a walking distance from the Central Business District. The Marina Bay and Orchard Road Shopping centres are easily reachable from this hotel. The hotel houses more than 403 guest rooms and 3 restaurants specialising in local, chinese and italian cuisines. If you are looking forward to just grab a drink, you will be happy to know that there are 2 bars here with the perfect ambience for relaxation. You can even spend your time exploring the beautiful premises.

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Stay at any 5 Hotels near Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Stay at any 5 Hotels near Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

The plethora of hotels lined up in Ghandhipuram located in Coimbatore, makes it a suitable stay option among visitors. This is area is chosen as one of the most preferable place to stay amongst the entire city. The reason being, Ghandhipuram holds a bustling scene that houses many restaurants, major shopping places, a busy bus stop, railway station and an airport in the vicinity. Apart from these, there are many parks, garden and a stadium. There are many corporate and industrial complexes surrounding Ghandhipuram, creating an ample amount of convenience for all new-visitors. The reachability of this commercial centre is quite smooth. Hence, travellers coming to visit Coimbatore usually seek for an adequate stay option in this region. There are numerous visitors coming to Coimbatore for various purposes, apparently, these folks look for a comfortable place of accommodation in Gandhipuram. Therefore, booking hotels in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore is a cinch, especially when you confirm your ideal stay at redbus hotels page. Your hunting for hotel ends here!

Booking a prior hotel room online always keeps you away from hassles. Selecting from the range of listed hotels and booking the ideal room in your budget shall help you to experience a satisfactory stay in Coimbatore. Some of the benefits of going ahead with an online hotel booking privilege includes good location stay, services offered, get discounts and read guest reviews before deciding on the final one. It gives you a transparent picture of the accommodations listed under Gandhipuram region. Do not forget to carry a copy of your booking confirmation on the day of your travel.

Here is a list of hotels in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore that comes with all basic amenities and offers a good location too. You can book them online and save a lot of time and energy. There are hotels in various categories suiting all types of budget. You can decide the location and understand other requirements before booking your suitable stay. 

1. Hotel Landmark: They offer all types of rooms depending on your budget. It is located very close to bus stand and gives a view of the market area too.

2. Apple Park: The location of the hotel offers walkable distance from all the shopping & business areas. An ideal stay for travellers looking for a bit of luxury within the city shores.

3. Hotel Vishnu Priya: Located close to the Central bus stand and it offers all decent facilities to the guests.

4. Hotel Renukka: There are many crowded streets and other public places around the hotel property. They cater to business as well as leisure travellers. Functionally meets all the basic requirements of the guest and its convenient location helps to access all other places without any difficulty.

5. Hotel The Fortune: The location of the hotel in the city gives you an ease to go to any part of the city by taking any type of transport. Hotel is located close to Railway Station, Coimbatore Airport and near to Gandhipuram Bus Stand.

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Things not to be missed by adventure lovers in Malaysia

Things not to be missed by adventure lovers in Malaysia


Malaysia is a country that yields a rich mix of cultural attractions and rapidly expanding cities filled with skyscrapers and multilane highways. Whether it’s the country’s jam-packed calendar of festivals, or its capital city of Kuala Lumpur, home to sprawling malls and narrow alleyways with lively and colorful markets, Malaysia’s street life is vibrant. Traveling in Malaysia is quite convenient since it has some major bus terminals and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can be booked online from

Skytrex Adventure
For those wanting to make the best out of their summers, your search ends here. Skytrex adventure is what you should be indulging into this summer. The Skytrex Adventure is a line obstacle course consisting of some of the most extreme outdoor activities like ro pe climbing and the highly popular flying fox amidst the lush green landscapes of the Shah Alam Agricultural Park in the vicinity. Just 45 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, this is the place where you will overcome your fears and have some serious fun in the open. Swinging and flying is just some of the things you will be doing here.

Obstacles here are divided into three categories – Little Adventure, Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge. We recommend you to book online and make sure you get the best seats available. One downside is that skytrex is only open on weekends, however, if you are in a group of 25 or more you can have it exclusively opened for you on a weekday. Make sure to listen to the briefing carefully when you arrive.

Bungee Jumping, Extreme Park Sunway
Surely not for everyone, Bungee Jumping is something you should try if you want to overcome the best of your fears. Right in the middle of the Sunway Lagoon theme park is Malaysia’s one and only permanent Bungee jumping attraction. RM130 is what you need to spare in order to perform this daredevil act. It boasts of successfully having completed 2 million jumps without any major incidents. Be rest assured you are in good hands when you are signing up for this one of a kind experiences that will always remain etched in your memory. The bungee jumping here is handled by the Malaysian Bungee which is a company that handles the AJ Hackett International operations in Malaysia. The AJ Hackett international is quite a renowned company in Malaysia that is known to boast of a record of 2 million jumps that did not involve any major incidents. The jump here is equivalent to an 8 storied building. The minimum requirements that are needed to be eligible for a jump are that you need to be in between 35Kg’s to 285 Kg’s of weight. It is best not to stand on the edge for too long and just jump without thinking too much! The best part is that you are even awarded an insanity certificate which can have as a memory. The place is a must visit on your trip to Malaysia.

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Clarke Quay a must visit destination when in Singapore

Clarke Quay


Clarke Quay is one of the best places for one of the most happening nightlives in Singapore. From colourful and magnificent bright lights to bars offering some limited edition drinks Clarke Quay has it all. Clarke Quay, which is the biggest nightlife destination, earlier it used to be a business centre. Located right in the middle of the Singapore River Planning area Clarke Quay is the name of a road, which a few years ago has been transformed into a pedestrian mall. To make the most of the surrounding waters, Clarke Quay has numerous floating pubs and restaurants. Eating, drinking and dancing while in water is something you must experience.


The G Max River Bunjee is also located in Clarke Quay, which opened its doors to the public in 2003. If you are looking forward to grabbing a drink or two make sure to vist Opiume and Fusion Bar. If you feel like showing off your dance moves Clarke Quay has quite a few places where you can dance till you drop.


To make the most of the surrounding waters, Clarke Quay has numerous floating pubs and restaurants. Eating, drinking and dancing while in water is something you must experience. The G Max River Bunjee is also located in Clarke Quay which opened its doors to the public in 2003.


Crazy Elephant – Singapore


It is considered one of the most exciting places to visit in Singapore. It is at this place that music has more priority over everything else. You can dance here till you drop with music being played by bands like Adrenaline and the Marisol. Make sure to try out the signature cocktail Caipirinha.


Fact File: Clarke Quay has been designed in a way that is unusual. It consists of a unique design wherein the entire place has been covered with huge life size umbrellas. These umbrellas not only protect the bars and the restaurants from sun but also rain. The best part being it is air conditioned too.


Best way to reach Clarke Quay is by bus. Hop on to Bus no 54 from Scotts Road or Bus Nos. 32 and 195 from the city hall MRT Station. Singapore has a good network of roads and is very well connected. This makes traveling completely hassle free and convenient. If you are looking forward to visit all of the above places then I recommend you to travel by bus as not only will it save you some money but also time. Check out for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!!



The Cuba Libre Cafe and Bar


If you are a Latin music lover The Cuba Libre Cafe and Bar plays a Latin music playlist all throughout the day. The bar boasts of having the highest number of visitors in the entire day in the whole of Singapore. The organisers also play a host to a complete weekend jam session for all those metal heads who dance to the tunes.












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I always liked riding overnight trains when I was traveling in Europe.  It was a way to save time since I could crash out on the train and sleep in transit.  It was neat to wake up in a different city.  It also saved on the cost of lodging for that night.


The ideal would be a train ride around 8 to 11 hours long.  You want to leave in the late evening and arrive in the morning.  You want to arrive early enough to still get breakfast but late enough not to wait too long before getting into your hotel.


I employed this strategy on a trip to Eastern Europe.  I was traveling with a friend and we needed to get from Prague to Krakow.  There was an overnight train scheduled so everything was falling into place.


Of course, this ended up being a train ride from Hell.  This was one of those trains that kept stopping for no known reason and crawled along at a painful, sloth-like pace.  We had a compartment to ourselves and were trying to sleep along three seats.  It was a bumpy ride and I kept waking up.  I kept thinking, maybe it’ll be better when we get to the border.  I’d lay back down to try to get some more fractured sleep.


This kept going on and on.  “Just how big is the Czech Republic?”  It’s taking forever to reach the mythic land of Poland.  You have mythic places like Atlantis and Shangra-La.  Suddenly Poland was becoming one of them.  I mean at some point, the Czech Republic has to end and Poland has to begin.  It’s one of the basic laws of the universe.  It shouldn’t take 18 hours to get out of a country slightly larger than Trenton.  I think the Czech railroad system aspire to be the SEPTA of the European rail systems.


Finally reaching the border provided minimal relief. That seemed to take forever.  I don’t know what was taking so long.  The custom agent on the train didn’t even look at our passports.  He opened up the compartment and questioned; “Polski?”


“Americano.” I answered.  I have no idea why I thought I should make it Italian when talking to a Polish customs agent.  We both had our passports in our hands.  He just shut the door to the compartment.


We could have had pictures of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck on our passports.  He would have never known. 


We finally did arrive in Krakow.  I was frayed frazzled when we arrived.  It felt surreal actually stepping off the train at our desired destination.  I felt like I just endured Dante’s Hell or maybe the labors of Hercules.  I was shaken but unbroken.  We made it.  In the end, I suppose that’s all that really matters.






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I got lost in Macau.  I was walking along a main street looking for an old historic monument.  I must have made a wrong turn somewhere along the way.  I was following a map and turned down a small street.  Next thing I know, I going through a very narrow alley.  I was not longer sure where I was it.  The street signs were in Chinese and Portuguese.  I could at least read the Portuguese names since they use the same alphabet.


I was hungry and I couldn't find my way.  The streets and alleys were packed with people milling about their daily lives.  I could tell right away that I was not in a touristy area.  I kept referring to my map but I couldn't find a match.  I noticed that I was probably going in circles.


A lot of the locals seemed amused by my plight.  I seemed to notice a few people pointing at me and maybe a few laughs at my expense.  I was lucky enough to find a kind soul who could speak fluent English.  He took mercy on me.  We got into a conversation.  I found out that I was really only a couple blocks from the destination that I was seeking.  He was impressed that I was an American traveling alone.


When I mentioned being hungry, he took me to a little hole in the wall place.  The writing was all in Cantonese.  (He informed me of that.)  They did not have any tables inside but you could eat outside at their sidewalk cafe.  The table consisted of a plywood board sitting on top of two carpenter horses.  The seat was an old oil drum. 


With his help I was able to order a a pork chop bun and a soup.  The woman at the counter did not speak any English.  The cost ended up being less than the equivalent of 2 American dollars.  The soup was a chicken soup with various vegetables--several of which I did not recognize.  The soup had a really spicy flavor to it.  I sat on the oil drum slurping away at the soup.  The pork was really delicious.   I got a lot of quizzical looks from locals walking by.  I didn't really care.  It was a great meal and it reaffirned my faith in humanity.  Being lost in a strange country, I was still able to find someone willing to help me out.




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