Sahara Noir


  I have stood Barefoot in the sun 

Wading through the blushing shallows

In the  Oasis of the Ahaggar Mountains.

My chest is hard and brown.

I have collected the tears Of the Boswellia Sacra 

as they mourn the early Dawn Sun.

I have intoxicated my self,

Consuming the hot molten rum of Dates And Myrrh.

And carelessly wandered off 

In the Perils of the blistering sun.

At nighttime, 

When the moon casts its heavy cool glow

The Ancient Temples burn away the tears

A hot languid incense steams

From the burning sands 

showing you the way. 

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Musical accompaniment for poem :



 Ensenada afternoon Sidewalk bench 

Outside the Oxxo convienice store 

A neon city of clamor

 a writhing restless hustle

Voices all around me

A Degas style impressionistic reminiscent 

Of acid trip teeth grinding

2 Hispanic women in an old brown Buick

Argue over who’s turn it is to buy beer.

A man with sleek pleated pants 

“I’ve got girls”

“Follow me...I take you”

“Whatever you want”

“I’ve got eet”

“You wanta the cocaina?

He wouldn’t let me sketch him.

2 girls cross the street

Very young 

Dressed in the scent of sin

“Hey baby”

“I’ll show you good time”

The man with the pleated pants

Scolded her in Spanish 

Then coolly  tips his hat to me with a half grin.

“Come on, I take you”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the strange get stranger.

A re-occurring theme.

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Bangkok is known for its lively streets, packed markets and delicious food worldwide. City boasts with so many markets available for a complete shopping experiences. Bangkok is home to some of the best and largest markets in the world. No doubt its a paradise for shopaholics like me. City local markets has countless things on offer with huge variety and endless quantity. Bangkok markets are very unique of all you have ever visited and you will find so many scattered all over the city. I love shopping and wanted to explore much of the Bangkok markets as I can, for this I had my  car hire Bangkok Don Mueang Airport  and travelled from one corner to other and nearby cities as well conveniently and with no strings attached. Out of all some of the best markets are short listed for you here.



Whether to look for a mouth watering Thai street food, random trinklets, fabrics, latest inventions, jewellery or anything that you can imagine you will get it here. You can stroll around one of the most busiest and exciting area of city and look for the things you like. Don’t forget to use your bargaining power here. You will also find many store owners and vendors from other parts of the city selling things at wholesale and re-sell deals.



This huge market is packed with stalls and shops selling everything and with so many people strolling around. Just wear your most comfortable shoes and get lost into the crowed looking more interesting things. From clothes to accessories, home ware or delicious food you will love everything this market has to offer. You can check for the map of the market and then begin you stroll.



This indoor market is surely a market bonanza with a lotttttt to offer. Even the most picky shoppers like me can get confused here with so many things on sale. Just jump into the jam-packed stalls and look for anything you want you will get abundance of it with huge variety. Trendiest Clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories, bags or sunglasses all at wholesale prices are available.


Many more are on the list such as Wang Lang Market and for fresh produce you can visit Bangkok Farmer’s market and Klong Toey Fresh Market. 

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Thailand is much more than a beach destination. It has a lot to offer its visitors in terms of attractions and experiences. It is among the world’s best party destinations and hosts some of the world’s best parties. People travel from the world to enjoy electric beach party scene of Thailand. Thousands of people visit Thailand every year. Thailand is an ideal all in one destination for all. Country has some of the most beautiful beaches of the world and a lot many beach activities from snorkelling, swimming to rock climbing. Best beach party destinations are scattered over the country from one corner to other. Travelling with comfort and ease is must for enjoying a holiday and for this you can hire a car from car4hires and avoid any hassles or inconvenience. Thailand is a popular destination for full moon parties, clubs and beach bar which features non-stop party atmosphere. Here are few of the best party islands of Thailand.



It is one of the biggest cities of Thailand brimming with abundance of entertainment option. It is also known as Asian beach resort and first one on the list of best beach party destinations. There you will find countless number of bars, pubs and nightclubs those have everything to keep party going on till wee hours. This vibrant party destination can be easily reached from Bangkok.



Koh Phangan is known for its legendary full moon parties all over the world. Thousands of people come to attend this one of the biggest parties of Thailand. It held every month on full moon at Hat Rin beach. Bright coloured beach bars,tripping sounds of hip-hop, trance and drum n’bass don’t let the party to get over till sunrise. Many half moon, black moon and other parties are also held.



It is one of the favourite island among youngsters with plenty of small pretty beaches to choose from. All beaches have unique feel and different experiences on offer. Out of all Chaweng Beach is a popular beach party destination housing huge number of bars, nightclub and pubs. You can enjoy dancing all night to techno, in house and hip hop beats till morning.


Phuket, Koh Chang are Koh Phi Phi are other major party destinations of Thailand where you can head towards for some more fun and entertainment.


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Bristol is one the great places in UK to go for a family trip. This small pretty city located on river Avon is packed with abundance of things to do and see with kids and family. The whole city itself is an attraction to visit. Travelling with kids is always a challenge if you have not planned properly. I made all my bookings for hotels, car rentals and visits to attractions in advance to avoid any on the spot trouble. My car4hires car rental made my comfy trip successful. Add maximum number of kids-friendly attractions to your itinerary for making it a memorable holiday for your kids. Bristol has all those exciting things to do on a city break. Green spaces, huge parks, seaside fun, relaxing country side, adventures and a lot more awaiting for a full-packed family fun. A must to enjoy things and attractions in Bristol with kids and family are here.



It is a former science centre and present state of art attraction which draws the attention of all age groups with its innovative and amazing offerings of discoveries and inventions. With 300 exciting exhibits Curious is an amazing must visit specially for kids. It is an interactive science centre where children can actually learn by practising. UK’s only 3D Planetarium is located here only. Kids will fall in love with this place and many exciting activities there are on offer.



It is world’s largest trampoline park having nearly 135 interconnected trampolines stretching across the floors and walls. Abundance of options available such as Dodge ball, foam pitts, slack lines, slam dunk lanes, battle beams and total wipe out zone which excites the kids most. Children loves to bounce and here there are so many different options for bouncing that makes kids fall in love with the place.



Generally all kids get fascinated by ocean and amazing sea life. Bristol Aquarium is home to 40 delightful displays of everyone’s favourite sea life. Kids enjoy watching sharks, giant octopus, sea horses, piranhas to puffer fish. Many events, tours, talks take place everyday which are worth checking if you want to know more about marine life.


SS Great Britain, At Bristol, Bristol Balloon Fiesta, M Shed, Bristol Zoo are some more interesting sights which your kids would like to visit and enjoy the environment around. 

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Take up an exciting Bus Journey from Bangalore to Mysore


Bangalore, regarded as a one of the significantly developed cities in India. Folks staying in Bangalore and working in big corporations frequently search for a comfortable mode of trip while coming up with plans of visiting Mysore. Therefore, the city is well-networked roadways, railways and airways fulfilling sudden travel specifications of men and women. Commuters looking for a quick escape from Bangalore to Mysore, usually choose to take up a bus journey. As the fact is justified, buses take lesser time to cover the road distance of 146kms. Besides, Buses are cost effective and easy to access at any time of the day.


People keep traversing from Bangalore to Mysore and vice-versa, as both the cities are filled with a plethora of things. There are numerous people from all over the country who comes and stay for various reasons in Bangalore; they wish to travel to Mysore for many purposes. Therefore, buses create a huge convenience for many, as there is no need to plan a travel. I booked online tickets from and all my worries just flew away. This platform helped me to buy bus tickets at affordable rates and ensured a hassle-free bus ride. The booking procedure was quite simple and offered a list of operators to choose. After all, they catered a pleasant experience!


I boarded the bus from Majestic pick up location at 7am and reached Mysore Fountain circle at around 10am. It took almost 3 hours to complete the bus journey. I opted for a Volvo Ac Seater bus, it was super comfortable and the time passed away quickly. The bus was nicely integrated with phone charging points and the bus staff provided water bottles to all passengers. Some of the buses come with video coaches too! The bus shall pass through various scenic locations, varied territories and vibrant landscapes.




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Road Travelling from Bangalore to Calicut: Take a Bus!

Calicut is popularly known as Kozhikode. It is renowned for its beached and people frequently visit this place from Bangalore. Bangalore, regarded as a one of the highly developed and speedily growing cities in India. Folks staying in Bangalore usually working in colossal businesses search a at ease mode of experience. The city has good-networked roadways, railways and airways fulfil sudden journey requisites of people. Commuters looking for a quick escape from Bangalore to Calicut usually choose to take up a bus journey. As the fact is justified, that buses are affordable and easy to access at any time of the day.



Individuals keep traversing from Bangalore to Calicut and vice-versa, as both the cities serve the IT sector mostly. Buses create an enormous convenience for a lot of, as there is no early planning of your journey is required. I took my tickets for bus from and this online platform helped me to book tickets in a short span of time. The AC sleeper bus was super comfortable and they gave rest stops too. The 9 hours of travelling was tiring but an interesting one. The bus passed through many scenic places and I enjoyed experiencing all of these. I boarded the bus from Kalasipalyam in Bangalore at 3:30pm and reached Calicut at 11:30pm. The bus came with clean interiors and ensured that all the passengers were travelling in ease. This bus staff was polite and completely ensured that I undergo a pleasant travel experience from Bangalore to Calicut.



I was eagerly waiting to explore the sea town that has an active port with flourishing trade and commercial centre. The best places to visit were on my list like the Kappad Beachand Beypore Fort. I have visited the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, which was an awesome experience as I am a bird lover. 

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Must visit Shopping destinations of Singapore

You know how Paris is known for its fashion, and Japan for its electronics? Malaysia is simply known for shopping, and shopping everything and anything you need! It’s your one-stop-shop for all of those favourite things you want to buy and has something for every kind of shopaholic.

Book lovers visit… the bookshop BookXcess in Amcorp Mall in Selangor. This cosy little bookstore offers books, new and old, imported magazines, audio CDs and more at extremely discounted rates. For example, picking up a RM50+ priced book for around RM17!

Most of the locations are easily accessible by buses that are one of the primary modes of transport here. Check redbus for tickets, keep that cash handy and get ready to pile on those shopping bags in your arms!

Fashion freaks visit… Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall in KL. While you aren’t going to run out of options when it comes to picking up the latest in fashion and accessories here, Berjaya is the most popular among all, offering the best of the brands at steal away costs. Cocktail dresses for RM25, fake leather boots for RM60… you get the picture. You will come across shops selling very reasonable stuff here. This place has spacious alleyways and sufficient lifts and escalators. This helps in a smooth flow of the crowds pouring in. If you are visiting this place with your family then food and fun park is a great place.

Electronic geeks visit… Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Everything electronics can be found here at low costs. This place is known as the premier IT mall in the country due to the 500 electronic goods stores it houses. If you decide to buy an electronic items here make sure to check in to at least 2 to 3 shops and check the prices.It is quite amazing that the prices will vary. By doing so, you can only decide to buy from the one who quotes the lowest price. I was told by my friend to also check for the product before I pay. Hence, I checked my phone and only then made my payment. Warranty is also something important that tourists must bear in mind. Ensure that you get an international warranty on the product that you decide to buy.

Bugis Street… Bugis Street has more than 600 shops, and most of them offer fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. Fashionistas will certainly be impressed by all the latest and trendiest things that are updated almost every day. Bugis Street is a lovely place to shop for ladies designer clothes. You will hardly come across any shops selling men’s clothes here. Apart from clothes there are also good eatery joints here.

Lucky Plaza… While most of the shopping centres on Orchard road sell high-end products to wealthy customers, Lucky Plaza is the only mall catering to budget shoppers. Casual clothing, simple accessories, sunglasses, low-end watches, sweet and chocolate, souvenirs, used books and medicated oil products are always on sale.

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Nantes, often known as the most liveable city in Europe is flooded with experiences. Nantes is known for its inventions and creativity which is also visible in its cuisine. French cuisine is mainly dominated of beef and meat but even the vegan or vegetarian trip to Nantes or any other part of France is full of unforgettable experiences. If you are vegan or Vegetarian travelling to Nantes you will experience some of the best delicious vegan and vegetarian traditional French as well as international cuisines and dishes giving a treat to your taste buds. For better experience you can also have a rental car from car4hires and explore the city and its rich flavours at its best. Nantes has an array of good restaurants and cafes with huge number of choices of vegetarian and vegan choices. Some of the best vegetarian restaurants and cafes In Nantes are listed below.

Located in the city centre this restaurant features a nomadic theme. You can both eat and shop here at Pique-Nique Chic. Restaurant has variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer. A salad bar is situated at one corner serving different types of salads. Hot dishes, variety of deserts and most popular yoghurt bar is a must try. You can choose from 30 toppings for your yoghurt.

It is an excellent vegan and vegetarian restaurant located near the city centre of Nantes. Fresh, Organic and local produce and ingredients are used for making dishes at Totum. Cafe features cozy atmosphere and home-like feel but being a small place it is always filled so for better experience book in advance and don’t forget to its organic and natural wines.

It is a perfect read after a good meal place of Nantes. It is a cafe and a bookstore all along. Food served is purely veg and delicious served at very reasonable prices. It is a great place to exchange and share. Having your favourite snack while reading your favourite book is beyond explanation. Local, organic and seasonal cuisines are served here.

Beside these popular vegan and vegetarian restaurants there are many more in Nantes such as Le Petit did, You Bio food and drink, Organic terroirs and many more. When travelling to Nantes food is not an issue whether you are vegetarian vegan or love meat. Nantes has one or the other thing for everyone.

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