Hey, man i don't know if im dreaming haha or if this is reality. I had a day meant for two, but only me i was without you. I met my father in a new home, but feeling so lonley why bother, why bother.

  Soon sun fell, stars came alive, i watched they all shimmer, but dulled without the woman i despise. 

  Love the despise, surley i do, but surley is katyaa and she makes me so blue. I love her like ice cream, one scoop then two. I would gladly give her my life, for one day with you.

  Saw you on the road with that man and you, one little boy feeling so fooled. Ideas and nightmares mitigated so blue, i miss my darling katyaa fuck i think thats you.

  Where was my love, did i not tell you its true? Why did you tell me, you love me not whom, infuriates my rage stealing my trust from you.

  I will find another reason to get him to crack, things you see in movies i can organize this attack.

  Wasted energy that is though, when all i want is you. Stomp STOMP STOMP STOMP oops im acting a fool. How much does it cost to have you love me true? I will empty my savings but not my checking you stooge.

  Do you love him? Like is it cool? I'll leave out the details to win your affection too. Please stop bending and breaking the rules. You can not love more then one, two is just RUDE. 

  I care and need, only a little from you, my dad thinks im nuts my mom thinks im screwed. I could care less when the fuck you do but come home to me, i'll ask no questions of you..

  I aspirate so much to spend time with you; i'll wait all night to be with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment on her, maybe on the next poem.

I don't know anymore


I'm dating this guy,

this sweet,

kind, caring,

and considerate guy.


He says he loves me,

and I've said I love him-

out of habit, you see...


But I don't know anymore

I don't know what love 

is when it comes to guys now.



I don't know how

to be loveable...


I don't know how 

to be around guys...


I don't know how 

to know if he really loves me...


I don't know how

to know if I love him...


I don't know how

to be a girlfriend..



I just don't know anymore!



I'm so used to being used

that I don't know 

how to be in a relationship!


I don't know what I'm supposed to do

what I'm supposed to say,

what I'm supposed to act like!


I just don't know anymore!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please let me know what you think!

To Love

I yearn to love, a love with a passion

Joining hearts, a fatal attraction

To be fondled by your words alone, holding on to promises by your lips

To savor the sweetness and emotion that drips

Let us hold together, let our eyes slowly find and meet

Let all time stop, with nothing but our heartbeats

the girl who sat next to me`

There was a girl who sat next to me
In my heart had a special place she 
When I saw her in her seat
My heart skipped a beat
This wasn't me 
I was never so free
With anyone before
Must I want more?
The best in me she saw
My attention she could always draw
Will my heart ever be the same
Ah. That's a shame

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Only Her

Her eyes pierced me with light ablaze
Vivid emotions boil over
As my will falls upon such gaze,
I know that i must have her
To reach across and touch soft skin
Face gentle and smooth to touch
Such emotions are enticed within
Heart leaping from my clutch
My pulsing heart in her hands
So vulnerable has she left me
But i trust how only a lover can
For life without love is nothing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My partner inspired this.

Love Hate Relationship

Feels like I’m being tore in two. As that creature of habit wears into you.
Same shit, day in and day out. Nothing changes with pleasure or shout.
The days go by and you’re still the same. Drowning your thoughts with electronic chains.
“Relax, relax, relax, I just want to relax.” You’ve been ‘relaxing’ for days, you’re driving me insane.
The light from your screen blurs what you see. Nothing around you is clicking up stream.
You torture me with your sloth, and pride. I've never loved and hated someone so much.
I don’t want perfect. I don’t need perfect.
I need peace. Peace of mind you’ll help when I need. That you’ll be aware of the scene. That you know what’s at stake. That I know you are headed for your dreams, instead of you making me want to pull my hair out and scream.
But all you do is sit and wait. Make a move, show that you’re true.
Don’t wait for me to leave you behind, wishing I hadn’t given you a second of my time, for you to turn around and learn what you had to do, when this whole time I have been telling you.
Your games, your internet, it’s all a drug, and you don’t even know you’re addicted.
Saying others are scumbags because of their need, while blocking yours out by the lights of that goddamn screen.

Silver 1911

Just For Fun

She sure was a beauty, said she was mine
But her daddy didn’t think so, that wasn’t fine
In the dirt driveway, he drew a line
And pulled out his Silver 1911

He was old school, with a fighter inside
Said that with me she couldn’t take a ride
Said she’d leave over his dead hide
And pulled out his Silver 1911

They’d been hurt before, so I didn’t mind
Said I didn’t plan anything of the kind
If he’d see my true blue, then he would find
A heart like his Silver 1911

The best of the best
The leader of the West
That fought for what was right
The bringer of the law
By a real quick draw
That won every fight
God’s Holy wrath
And if you do the math
There’s a lot more right than wrong
Written in it’s past
There’s nothing quite as fast
As a Silver 1911

Well, that seemed to hit a cord
His stepping away was a sign of the Lord
And I took him with us in my old Ford
With his Silver 1911

Now I know just how he felt
A daughter of my own that’ll make a heart melt
So to inspire the boy’s Holy fear, on the side of my belt
Is my Silver 1911

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes I know the 1911 was not used to win the West. When I wrote this I meant the Western Hemisphere, from every battle and war from WWII and on. Otherwise, enjoy! :D

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All I Ask Of You

My Love

All I ask of you
Is to let me in your heart
Don’t push me away when you hurt
I can handle your problems
I am a strong tower in your storms
A lighthouse in the darkness
And I know the way home


All I ask of you
Is to remember me
Don’t forget our times together
When your dreams come true
And rob me of you
When you spread your wings
While you fly on the breeze
Just pause and think of me


All I ask of you
Is to be yourself
Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings
I love you, not the mask you put on
Let your feelings flood around us
Just say what you need to say
And I’ll be there to listen always


All I ask of you
Is to not change to please people
They don’t know who you are
Many of them don’t even care
But I do
I care


All I ask of you
Is to live each day to it’s fullest
To live like you will die tomorrow
To not regret past mistakes, but learn from them
To live and to love
Each day is the first day of the rest of your life
Be who you want to be

And as I cheer you on
And watch you take to the skies
I can’t help but hope
That someday
You might love me too

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Happy Birthday

Guess what!!!
It's your birthday today! 
So I really really want to say Happy Birthday.

With this I captured my heart and as you read, understand this is a part of me.
To the world you're just another girl
But to me, You are the world.
It's quite overwhelming not finding the right words,
The right words to explain how grateful I am to be in your presence.
We were friends by choice,
We're together by fate,
Falling in love with you I had no control over for it was hatreds most beautiful mistake.

Despite the distance we're still together on the same road, 
And I'm loving our story as it unfolds.

Craving for your embrace since its been a while
I know emotions make you cry, I hope these make you smile
Everyday apart from you I suffer in the worst way
So what better day to tell than your birthday
Its your thoughts that keep me going and your smile 
So for your love.. I'd say I'll gladly take a bow.

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