Now She Rests

She lies on the bed; age has caught her now,

Not that it mattered anyhow.

She tried to sit up, but all her bones ached,

Arthritic fingers, how much more could she take?

Her hair was gray now, and thinning besides,

And deep, deep wrinkles lined her weary eyes.

Her hearing was lost some time ago,

And now total quietness is all she knows.

Just above the knee on her right thigh,

The pain hit again, and a trace of tears from her eyes

Oftentimes heat radiated her soul,

But the warmth didn’t reach hands so cold.

Finally she sits through such an effort,

To tell her stories is what she lived for.

Past times, the drought, and depression,

So many things, way too much to mention.

A hacking cough passes her lips,

And she tries to cover it with her bent fingertips.

She couldn’t stretch her fingers, and she talked with her hands,

But some unknown reason I could understand.

“Many, many years ago, in times of old,

The young men weren’t so bold.”

She shut her eyes, and her face wrinkled,

But when she opened them back I caught a glimpse of a twinkle.

She was going back, back in time,

Reviewing the chapters in her life.

The secrets, lost mysteries, treasures we fail to see,

“The good ole days,” is where she longed to be.

“You know, back in my day we worked from sun up to sunset,

Except for school and church, we had no rest.

But wasn’t much trouble neither, we had plenty to do,

Besides, you got took out behind the wood shed if you broke the rules.”

“The boy had to come to the parents if he wanted a date,

And honey you had best not come home late.

Folks was stricter back then they knew how to act,”

And as I listened I knew she wanted to go back.

“Did I ever tell you how I met your grand paw?

He was passing through, going to fight the war.

He was walking and he passed by the farm,

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I have finally admitted to myself, after looking deep into my soul,

After being mentally whipped, that love has surely taken its toll.

Let me tell you, I have this heart breaking, painful more than unbearable situation.

That’s been eating away at me for a while long lasting infatuation.

I woke up one day and found myself in love, deep in an intoxicating love with a man for all the right reasons.

A love so passionate, so comfortable I could sport it in and season.

Wit this brotha, so bright full of wisdom and knowledge,

Greater than anything they could teach you at any college.

With a heart and soul overburden with compassion and strength,

I felt to my life he must have been a gift.

His eyes so full of hope and determination,

His ambition so strong could raise a nation.

His smile so warm, melts me on impact, you should see it!

His touch so sensual, so rejuvenating you wouldn’t believe it.

But the terrifying, heart racing twist to this tale,

We’ve been separated by concrete, steel doors and barbed wire; this man I love so is in jail.

Separated we are by a sentence that seems to have no end,

I’ve tried to be his sister, lover, companion, and friend.

This is tremendous task if any of you know,

It’s like I’ve been sentenced to live in his shadow.

I look at the time and wonder where all the years for him went,

See this love these feelings was an accident, honest, it wasn’t meant.

I wasn’t suppose to mean so much to him, and him to me,

Cause I’m married to a brotha right here on the street.

And he treats me good but not as good as I wish,

He’s cheated, done his thang and put me through some shit.

But I stay, often I ask myself why?

But to say that I didn’t love him would be a lie.

And he knows about the other man, sometimes he goes into a jealous rage,

But I tell him get himself together and act his age.

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What I wouldn't do

What I wouldn’t do to have you by my side,

What I wouldn’t do for a nice long ride,

What I wouldn’t do to share my seat with a man that understands that I am a freak.

What I wouldn’t do to be reminded of the bliss,

What I wouldn’t to for a nice long kiss.

What I wouldn’t do to make our time last,

What I wouldn’t do for a sticky wet ass.

What I wouldn’t do to allow you to freak me,

What I wouldn’t do to let you eat me.

What I wouldn’t do to go from complex to simple,

What I wouldn’t do to have u suck on my nipples.

What I wouldn’t do for a nice sweet treat,

What I wouldn’t do to eat it off you from your chest to your meat.

What I wouldn’t do to nut in your mouth,

What I wouldn’t do to turn you out.

What I wouldn’t do, what I wouldn’t do,

I keep asking myself to be boning You!

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Mirror Hanging On The Wall

Beautiful mirror above my bed

Do you see the crimson red?

Do you know the things I do

Just to find myself to be true?

Mirror hanging on my wall,

Do you see me when I fall?

Will I be caught before I'm down?

Or will I end up hitting ground?

Silver-framed mirror reflecting me

Do you know how bad things could be?

Do you know of anger and hate?

Could you predict anyone's fate?

Will I fall head over heels?

Or will I fake how love could feel?

If I do love, will I get hurt?

Will I lose grip, slip in the dirt?

Mirror which has been displaced

Broken peices in every place

Shards of so much broken glass

I had put together for time to pass

But now when I looked into you

I only saw the cracks upon glue

So broken mirror back on my wall,

Am I still myself after our fall?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes I feel numb inside, I feel nothing except perhaps maybe the Mirror could tell me who I am...?

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Touching The Soul

I would be your sunshine

When the world is not good to you

I can be your sunshine

and I know you can make it through

I'll call your name out loud

In a distance you won't hear

I can hold you in my arms tight

So you know that I still care

I would be your sunshine

When the rain falls down on you

I can be your sunshine

When you feel lost and confused

I would go out of my way

To make sure you are safe

Just open your heart

and let me fill that empty space

I would fly over 1000 mountians

I'll be your wings when you

When you When you can't fly

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The one


I keep looking in all the wrong places, where your supposed to be.But I never seem to find you, and you're all I long to see.

I just can't seem to understand, what it was that changed your mind.All this time I thought I knew you, when really I was blind.But know that I do not hate, and I know I never will.

Because I cared about you then, and I care about you still.

Even though you hurt me, I can't seem to let you go.

But I will go on without you, and I want to make sure you know.

It will take some time to mend,the damage that you've done.

But broken hearts do heal, that's why I stay and not run.

For now, the tears may be falling and my thoughts keep circling you.But soon, things will get better, if you have hope then they always do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some a poem I put down when I was bored...

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Humor me.

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God Shared My Tears

When my heart was breaking,

       And desperation was taking hold,

You reached down as promised,

       Keeping my heart from growing cold.

You didn't lecture me,    

       Telling me to stand strong.

You didn't say 'fear not,'

       Or tell me my faith was wrong.

I told you my heart was hurting.

       My son would struggle all his life.

I could not bear the pain,

       I begged you to end my strife.

You looked into my crying eyes,

       Telling me to look into your heart.

You showed me that you'd hurt too,

       I wasn't alone from the start!

A mother's heart can take so much

       A breaking point it will reach.

Father, you understand that point,

       And give comfort you don't preach!

The pain I felt, you understood,

       Your only son you watched die.

My pain for my child not unique,

       You share my tears,  

             And together we cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written about the day we found out our son would be developmentally delayed.

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Where did you go

Why'd you leave us

No one know's

Perhap's He does

Life's reason is because

We wander a narrow path sometimes

He lead's us all back just fine

Trusting it as a lesson learned

Wisdom by knowing is earned

A sound mind help's you to see

A blessing forgotten so easily

Reality is to be humble in your heart

To take all necessary steps is being smart

Open thine eye's to your destiny with Him

No man nor evil has a hold on you, just Him

Listen to your possibilities and brighter days

Go soon to your heart, for you've already paid

So long now it's been to explore and do more

Going back to what's good for you

Seeking happiness, truth

Peace, and Love

When you do

Remember your beauty inside

Treasures from God reside

A great parent you truly are

Little one gives the stars

Feel this emotion of Love please

Time is here for all pain to cease

"Bring back" ... "Bring back"

"Oh, Bring back her daddy real soon!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Courtlin needs you Joe

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