Sweet euphoria

so enticed by your own suffering..

it keeps coming back around.. 

just when you think you're standing up, you get pushed down.

you wonder, but why bother..


I know what that feels like... 

to be swallowing dirt, with your face planted into the ground..

your mind is in constant crucifixion..

you can't look at the clouds, & know the sun is behind it.. 


the hands of time move in circles...

quality is not quantity.. 

tomorrow is not today.


if this storm hovers over me,

if it fucking pours down on me,

for all eternity..

raindrops will glisten through my eyes.. 

you'll see I never tried to hide.. 


because the rain can bring out our true colors,

when given the chance to pass..

I will walk along a street of rainbows,

while the past burns, & falls to ash.. 


my heart says not to turn, & walk away.. 

but so badly it yearns to fly, & just escape..

oh, Sweet Euphoria..


Black & White: The First Dream


The first dream with the most strange colors,

Which are no colors: black and white.

Why they erased the colors in my dream?

On this I had no answer.


Surrounded in the most bright white,

Was I, cloaked in positivity.

Pure and perfected,

As the most innocent child.


Cloaked in shadow, blackened,

Was the halo of Nyarlathotep.

The unknown, the mysterious;

Being stuck in His web...


Being together the Yin & Yang,

One in darkness, the other bright in light.

O, Nug and Yeb together,

The inseparable twins alive!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts about a dream I had.

Whispering Colors

I've been whispering to these colors
As they've been whispering to me.
Oh how I would imagine,
How they simply could be.

Kiss me!
Kiss me!
They say,
as they whisper to me.

and only us!
They plead,
as they whisper to me.

They conceive me,
into believing,
what they want to be,
They consume me.

They twist me,
They turn me,
into a world of believing,
Oh, they conceive me,........

Take me,
into this fantasy,
into this place,
that is glazed, with daze.

Make me,
into a radiant whole being,
because seeing is believing,
oh, they conceive me,.........

Take me,
Make me,
do what you believe,
oh, I will conceive,..........

Consume me,
and move me,
into this fantasy,
Oh conceive,.........

Consume me,
become me,
make me believe,
what you want to see,

Consume me,
my body, my soul and my spirit,
Consume me,
You are my body,

Now, you've become me,
whisper to me,
oh, you fantasies,
Whisper to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wrote this poem in like two minutes. It just came to me. As my poems usually do.

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"When Rainbows Cry"

When Rainbows Cry
The Colors Run
Across The Path
Of Storms Undone…

Into The Sea
Blue Teardrops Fall
As Yellow Rays
Sing Their Song

The Birth Of Sun
Rekindles Hope
As Many Fly
New Flags To Cope

The Gift Of God
The Right To Dream
The Definite
And Not So Seen

Set So Free
When Gentle Strokes
Of Paint We See…

A Canvas
Where Expressions Dwell
The Flip Side Of
Some Hidden Hell…

But Rainbows Cry
That says It All
We’re Still Alive
Smile BIG, Walk TALL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

“When Rainbows Cry” was inspired by Phylis Barfoot’s monoprint entitled “Moody Blues“--
Her colorful creation on paper provided a thought provoking investigation into how art appreciation through personal interpretation can trigger unique mental images which beg for further exploration…

Various colors of oozing ink blending together vertically raining down the artist’s original work,
much like how the power of gravity influences an object to travel it’s natural course,
showed up for me as colorful tears of sadness, as well as joy, reminiscent of a rainbow running it’s course, giving way to a rejuvenated sunny sky.

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Colors of Our Love

*NEW* 2011

Like the Emerald Green of the moss upon the trees we admire
Your presence makes me feel comfortable,
and at home.

Like the Orange Red embers of the fire we embrace
The love we make is hot, intense,
and keeps us warm.

Like the Magenta Pinks of the sunset sky
Your love makes my soul stop
To catch its breathe.

Like the Golden Yellow of the sun we bask in
Your kiss warms my body,
Inside and out, top to bottom.

Like the Clear Blue of the pools we soak in
Your words and touch
Relax and soothe my heart.

You are the Greens, Reds, Pinks, Yellows, and Blues
That make my world make sense.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my love, David.

Thank you for inspiring me :)

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"Milky Red"

by Jeph Johnson


a dirty word
conjuring up
panthers and prejudice
baby blue's antithesis
feminine pubescence

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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