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I can see the sun today.
It's shining right in my eyes.
I'm finally feeling free today.
Now i'm aware of what i didn't realize.

The dark cloud has finally disapeared.
And i can feel the sweet rain.
I can slide down that rainbow.
And i see the blessing in my pain.

I'm dancing with the wind.
It's lifting me up high.
And the birds are calling out for me.
I think they're asking me to fly.

As the sun falls asleep.
The moon holds my hand.
And all the stars so bright.
They're saying i'm their friend.

My heart cried more than it should.
And the times my soul choked were more than a few.
But now there's a firework inside of me.
Because i'm rising and i know what to do.

I'll make a sea out of my tears.
And i'll drown there all of my fears.
And i'll walk away with a big smile.
I think i want to be happy for a while ... ♥

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

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I loved reading through

I loved reading through this
I thought it was cute
and it reminded me of myself :)
Well done!

Raeleyn S.

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That's nice!

That's nice!