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They are all at the mall now,

shopping for anything left

that is on sale or not. But

the kids like Santa 

and there is hot chocolate

once exhaustion kicks in.


It's the same every year

and I smile at this ritual.

Standing in lines, maxing

out credit cards. This 

is fun.


Today is December twenty fourth

and the pressure is beginning

to pinch wallets and pocketbooks

into action. Every year, you

tell yourself that you are not

going into debt for those

people who were not entirely

nice to you all year, but

you do. It's required. You

can not be a Christian unless

you practice charity.


By 6 p.m. December twenty fourth

the mad rush will become mayhem

and potentially dangerous. 

Electronic store clerks inevitably

call in sick. Too risky.


A tip: Cash in a Christmas

card solves all problems. Also,

gift cards, every store imaginable

has one out there at the supermarket.

If you know them well enough

to buy them a gift, then you

know "their" store.


Happy shopping, but remember

gift cards and cash always surprise 

nephews and grandchildren. Presents

for wives, husbands, and mothers 

will require very careful selection 

unless you want to have a very 

unmerry Christmas.








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