When they'd invite him over,
you thought he was your friend,
until he'd lock you in your bathroom,
and rape you till no end.
He threatened that he'd kill you,
if you ever told a soul,
You were his secret sex toy,
and you were only seven years old.

The day you told me,
something in me died.
For the first time in my life,
everything made me cry.
Our sex triggered memories,
you didn't know you had.
I know it's not my fault,
but I wish I could take it back.

I did everything to help you,
and I found you a therapist.
I held your hand through the hardest part,
when you wanted to tell your parents.
They weren't that surprised to hear the news,
but what angered me the most,
that night, Tori recalled something too.

After that visit,
things spiraled out of control.
Your mom defended him,
"He was only seven years old."

She refused to delete him from Facebook,
and she refused to let you too.
She called me "jealous and controlling",
and convinced me that I am hurting you.

"As Christians, Tara, we must forgive."
That is, until she found out about our sex,
then she forced you to admit to your "sins".

I'll never forget those final days.
You yelled at me as if I were him,
and you defended him as if he were me.
You dumped me to obey your crazy family.

Months later, I saw his comment on your wall.
It was then I realized, in a way, I was raped too.
Weren't we all?

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:( it sounds like you need a

:( it sounds like you need a no drama year

Much Love