dreaming in words

drifting in and out of consciousness

between sleeping and waking;

reading Proust for the first time

living off Proust

seeing through the lense of Proust's prose.


beginning to hate myself, my dystopian world

and my inability to escape it;

but if i could, what would i do?

waste that freedom on base American

consumer materialist instant-gratification;

consumption of products and services

ever more efficiently effectively marketed

to targeted audiences via internet-connected

smartphones, PCs and smart TVs.


i delude myself, indulge myself

less and less with the passage of Time;

one of the few advantages of age

one grows weary of lying

to the reflection in the mirrorface.

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Very intense:  the green

Very intense:  the green highlighting (or, at least, it seems green to me) stabs the eye the way the emotion in the poem stabs the soul.


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