inappropriate mediocre musings

drunker than a cocksucker's ass;

i was behaving poorly

not knowing my place

making eyes with those

educated beyond my lot in life;

with full perky tits

untamed by life's hardships

and asses that hadn't fallen

by the touch of childbirth lowly.


drunker than you would dare to be

caught in public under

smartphone video scrutiny;

vomiting side by side

in the doorless stalls of a dive bar

that brings us together.

both dying dramatically

with the actor's flourish

the high definition well-lit closeup revealing

all the Marlon Brandon subtlety

of a shit-for-brains

vain aging Adonis' performance;

a Jesse Livermore

an Ernest Hemingway

a Curt Cobain trigger-pull

couldn't do it justice; pathetic.

human, all to human

Nietzsche smirks slyly;

"if only you knew what i realized

in that roominghouse purgatory

beneath the foothills of the Alps

going blind slowly";

drink up!

you only die once... lol.

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All though I do not care for

All though I do not care for a couple of the words you have used, I think this poem is one of the most powerful evocations that I have read in a long, long time.


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