A Duet in Silence


I once was the voice.

The voice that tempted your dreams,

and caressed your sighs in the night.

Sang your love to the stars, and heard

your song in return, and murmured

to your heart and soul, our forever.


A voice that soothed your tears,

and brought your smiles to life, and

in its truth, saved us both,

with words that pierced the clouds,

and allowed the sun to find us.


But voices grew weary with time,

and whispers faded with the distance,

losing their way to the winds of change.

To be quieted by life’s distractions,

and the whims of solitude.


But once I had a voice,

shouting on high my love for you.

And on these darkest of nights,

between my smile and tear,

I can still hear it call your name,

and in sweetest of memory,

hear yours echo in return.

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You are still a voice of some

You are still a voice of some very wonderful poetry, Wordman. 

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  Thanks for such a kind


Thanks for such a kind comment, I truly appreciate it.