Only Then

The shadows lengthen as evening subsides,

Beckoning the night and its deepest dark,


And I sit watching blackened fingers strangle the dusk,

Knowing that I cannot save its life, nor want to


In the final suffering of the day,

I search for the hope of an uncertain tomorrow,

and plead that this night be of dreams and fantasy


For in the reality of life I know pain and its misery,

And far too often the sun has blinded my eyes from truth


Sometimes in a lie people get lost, as do their guilt and conscience,

never again to be found


A burial of the soul so to speak,

From which is born what you see before you now,

A mere shadow of whom I was, and could have been


Reaching out to strangle the dusk, begging forgiveness for sins never meant,

but committed just the same,

I find myself in the deepest dark, hiding in dreams


And just for a moment, I allow my tears to grieve my passing




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