The electric state.

The electric state.


I was still a boy. 
Sleeping in a deserted building,
half way down a railway track.
Part of the roof was missing,
in the other room.




Snow falling outside,
would come through the hole in the ceiling.



I'd lay there and look up at the stars,
at night.
Wrapped in a warm sleeping bag.
I had a small stove and would eat chicken soup,
as my leg slowly healed.
Remembering back.
It was good soup.
I was at peace.
If you ever encounter those moments.
Cherish them.
No car sounds or traffic.
Apart from the clunking of the tracks,
and mechanical noises through the night.
... the night sky was different then.
No Tesla satellites.


Those huge fake white burning lights,
ruining that sparkling black canvas.
They should cut that shit out.
I know its just the reflection,
from the solar panels.
But, I don't like it.
There wasn't any real cctv.


in the summer, or during a thunderstorm.

You could climb on the roof of a warehouse, 
and watch the skyline.
The moon and stars moving slowly overhead.


Drinking and laughing, with a friend.

Till the dawn came and afterwards,
you'd both pretend no one was ever there.
Be careful on roofs.
I had an uncle who died,
after falling through a roof as a boy.
The title is the name of a book,
I recently read.
The protagonist reminded me a bit of you.


A young woman, trying to save someone.


In a stolen car, through a nightmare world..

As a boy I used to climb, as high as I could.
The wind swirling around me.
I'd feel the buildings and structures,
swaying slowly as I held on.
I'd pick out something in the distance.


Some monolith,


that looked all old and abandoned.



Then I'd run that way,
to try to find it.
No google back then,
or phones really.
So, I'd never know what it was.
I'd reach there. 



Occasionally they would be places I'd feel,

no one had been to for years.
Surrounded by fences and trees,
hidden from the world.
There was sometimes a girl, I also noted.


Who must have been doing the same thing,
or looking for something?
I don't know.
How could she know I would be there,
before I'd even decided to go?
I couldn't work it out.




I wouldn't see her for months at a time.



Back then,


I thought maybe she was,

some kinda ghost or spirit.
I don't know.
I see things, others don't seem to every day.
Subtle moments,
that can be looked on as special.
I don't tend to over analyse them.
I just accept them as they are.
One day unexpectedly.
I heard a foreign female voice,
shout out to me.
I had no idea anyone else was even there.
"hide quick! its the pole lease. ".



I been lay on the roof of a building, 
basking in the sunshine.
Eating apples in a forgotten orchard.


I lay still for awhile, 
then carefully looked over the edge.


Watching the police and dogs,
walking around.


I noted an officer steal an apple,
chuckling to himself.


After a while.
They finally called out to each other. 
"I can't find her." and went.
I had no idea what she had done.
I heard her moving in the branches of a tree.
Then dropping down with a thud.



We looked at each other for a second,

and we smiled.



Then I got back to eating apples and reading.
Years later, I tell this story,
and people say.
Why didn't I say hi?
But I just don't get that.
These places were chosen for peace,
for quite.
A place of sanctuary.
A chance to relax and be away from folk.
Now days,
I might climb somewhere desolate and remote,
and I know the moment I see someone.
They'll want to come over.
Say hi and talk rubbish.
In my mind, I just see them as tourists.



They can't bare to be away from  folk,

a few moments.
Having a moment of individuality.



To me, its where I live.

I just have to put up with people,
most of the time.
I always felt I was part of a very exclusive club.
I guess,
Just outside of the electric state..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

People might say, I shouldn't have wasted my time,

doing that.


Or maybe even wished they had, also.


But the cameras are up, now.

The laws are diffrent.


The police carry guns, not apples.



What a place is or where it is.

Thats all taken care of with a computer.


I often find,

if you read the old brass plak.

Hidden outside the door,

or do the research yourself,

You get diffrent awnsers.


" This is the old building,

that looked like a lost tower at dusk.


People found me, abandoned in the forest.


And would dance and sing through the night.


Like princes and princesses,

enjoying a banqueete of fish and chips,

and the finest thatchers cider. 


I was their castle, I kept them safe.

As the clammor of computers, fake news,

and social media.

Could be heard aproching in the distance"



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