Hey babe.. honey, darling,

sweetness and mean.


It was ninety five.
Saw you at Warrs,
like looking at a dream.
Fiery and slim.
Throbbing, 'nieth me.
A beautiful Harley,
Like nothing I'd ever seen.
I squeezed every penny.
Stole every pound.
Round the whole of London,
in and out of the shadows and starlight.
To buy this wonderful thing I had found..
..Lori, I'm pregnant.
Who's the Dad?
.. It, might be.. you. 
Might be? Lucky me...  
I've got an appointment at warr's.
I've got to say goodbye to someone.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've rode them all.


Ktm dukes, the big ones,

not those pansy little ones.

Though london traffic, late at night.

Even through the palace greens.


Bmw's to places,

most never see.


A Fat boy, like Doctor Fox.

3 am outside the Ace cafe.

My back tire, roaring and screaming.

Behind a cloudy smoking rubber screen.


But the only one I ever wanted... yeah.


I think we've all got a ...yeah.


I'd brought a big Zed,

in red.

A little gift for myself.

Paid for with magic and charm.


But when my kid needed Doe.

She had to go.

I sold my zed.

Worth it? I'd have to say.. no.



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"Shadows and starlight"

nice image ~s~