Help with...

adventure. Advent calanders.
bold-ness. Not just for washing machines.
carpet. A car.
dancing shoes.
elephants. If you could buy pocket ones. I would.
forgiveness. It takes two.
great smile. Done!
holidays. Think we both need one.
insurance. You can never tell the future.
joke.what did one volcano say to the other. I lava you.. groan..:)
kiss on the forehead, when your poorly.
loot a bank. Well, when its take a kid to work day. (joke.)
no money. its just money. 
owsome spelling. (joke.)
quiet time.
rustic breakfast.. Well.. this is more difficult than I thought. :)
tambourine.. Theres a vacancy in the band.
umbrellas stink, how about un-unbrella's?
velodrome. Cyclings good for you.
weather. Anywheres better than here.
x..ok.... suggestions?
your great.
Z. zzzz..I don't know... Bees? Want a bee? I'll get you a bee.
I'm a bee. your a bee. Give me a buzz. lol


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This is fun and very

This is fun and very creative. Great job !