I miss the aroma of
half smoked
Marlboro cigarettes
the stench of leftover
day old Budweiser
loitering in the bottom
of an open sixteen ounce can
her cheap dollar store perfume
lingering on the bed sheets.


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Easy to feel every word, you

Easy to feel every word, you set the mood perfect. Great write.

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I like the intense realism

I like the intense realism described---the word "gritty" was used, when I was young, to designate that style (I don't know what it is called these days).  The eleventh line is also interesting for its balance of the two adjectives, "hopeless" and "Homeless"; and there is significance in the precedence given to hopeless followed by homeless.  But most verbally dramatic, and metaphysically chilling, is the final line.  The whole poem is very well composed, but the final line is haunting, and will certainly linger in the memory.


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Thank you very much.