I remember that cloudy rainy afternoon

The bereaved hovering close together

A light shower weeping upon a flower

That should be living but isn’t.


I remember silent songbirds

Huddled on bare tree limbs

Evoking insane emotions

Whispered woefully to the wind.


I stood shivering there

Left with naught within

Except maybe a memory or two

Just standing on the edge

Or perhaps just dying inside.

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I'm marveling at your

I'm marveling at your immersive style in this haunting and atmospheric experience. You created something that is so crushing, clean and profoundly sad that I had to read it again. An unforgettable work of art!  

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This is powerful Stephen,

This is powerful Stephen, very honest and easy to feel.  Excellent sir. 

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Thank you


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I have been reading poetry

I have been reading poetry for fifty years as of this past April.  I cannot remember reading a Poem that concentrates so much eloquently stated sorrow in so few lines.  There is no label to describe this poem (symbolist, realist, imagist . . . and on and on they go), because its most ancient definition is the one it is most entitled to:  POEM.  This is a Poem, and it is Poetry, in the sense understood most profoundly by the Ancients.  And this Poem resonates in the soul while, in my case, causing my old, decrepit body to ache a bit as well.  In my opinion, which is not authoritative at all but is offered with sincerity here, this is one of the FINEST poems in your collection.  And I will say with all candor, and I say it here for all to read, if I were teaching a course on Poetry---the real stuff, not the scholars' imitations---this would be a Poem I would want to include.  Although there are actions---hovering, huddling, whispering---the evocation of both stillness and silence is incredibly powerful.  And the Poem concludes with dying, not with the death of the loved one being mourned, but with the dying inside of a survivor.  

As a reader, I applaud thepoignancy of the emotion that you deploy through your excellent words.  As one poet to another, I congratulate you on a towering achievement.  Despite the sorrow this poem presenrts (and from which, I suspect, it emerges and proceeds), you should be very, very pleased with your accomplishment here.


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Thank You


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Stephen, this may sound

Stephen, this may sound strange but I find the power of the sadness this piece invokes, heavily beautiful. So impressive...

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True story,

It was a very sad day for me.  Thank you.

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I have no doubt, sir. I could

I have no doubt, sir. I could tell this wasn't another observation, because I could feel it seeping out. It was so thick with powerful emotion. It was deeply sad, and deeply touching... stunning poetry, truly!