The night whelmed with gratitude

nocturnal air filled with emotions

his heart sang like a nightingale

the songs of his heart emoted

sent upon waves of sensuous air

dreams turned serendipitously

into realities of spontaneous joy

stars winked in recognition

the effulgence of the moon

shared his unmitigated delight

laughed a hearty laugh.


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The lack of punctuation for

The lack of punctuation for all the lines but the final one, and the lack of connectors, actually work to the advantage of this poem by giving it a forward motion which underscores the various processes going on in the poem's description of them.  Though brief, this is a very athletic poem.


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You are right.

The form was purposeful.  It forms a stream of consciousness that allows emotions to flow freely.

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Thank you.  Despite my

Thank you.  Despite my attempted adherence to grammatical punctuation (others can decide if I succeeded), I have always enjoyed the very forward flow---and sometimes the rush---of Molly's soliloquy in the last chapter of Joyce's novel, Ulysses.  Although an absence, it makes Molly more of a presence, especially that final sentence.