The darkness, a lamppost its light shade shattered

Stood a lone outpost in the bleak foggy morning

A dream setting in a film noir maybe a Bogart

Clouds gathering before an approaching storm

The stark background to a murder in an alleyway

Her blouse torn, ripped to the nipple blood clotted

He stood with deerstalker hat and an inverness cape

Carefully lifted her blouse with a course “Aha”

Watson questioning him, “The Ripper?”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The ripper was active from 1888-1891. Doyle began his Sherlock Holmes series in 1887 the last written in 1927.  Thus the idea that Holmes invisestigated a ripper murder is not far fetched. 

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Interesting! The latest

Interesting! The latest Sherlock rendition (Cumberbatch) can lead one to believe that Holmes would solved without a doubt, the Ripper murders. Thanks for sharing.

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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Love the atmosphere, the

Love the atmosphere, the drama and the idea Sherlock Holmes could possibly have been the detective  to solve the case is very intriguing. sue.