A nice drive with pooch into the country

The door opens . . . . go fetch . . . .


Sometimes irony reaches beyond the pale,

Past the bounds of insanity, beyond lunacy

Certain individuals born without limits

Like tornadoes they roar through lives of others

Looking back wondering why the fuss.


. . . . A car meanwhile hits a dog

        wandering  across a country road.

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Didn't want to visualise this

Didn't want to visualise this but I did, heartbreaking. However a very well written piece tugging at every heartstring possible.

Cleverly done.

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very moving


so sad and so powerful..




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Go Fetch

This was motivated by a TV commercial for ASPCA in which a man goes out on a country road, lets his dog out of the car, throws a ball and tell the dog "go fetch" and then drives off abandoning him.