Facebook is a funny thing

like a mirage

the pictures there

paint subjective stories

sympathy evoked

from within them

some shout pain

others project happiness

many just seek attention

meanwhile within

the confines of

her Facebook page

that picture of her

with smooth bald head

that grotesque image

screams: “Victim.”


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I think the lack of

I think the lack of punctuation, while a defect in most poetry, actually contributes dramatically to the effect of this poem's subject and the language that describes it.  The casual nonchalance of the first line contrasts radically with the dreadful scream in the last line, and the horrific word that is screamed.  I think this poem is very well done.

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.



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Punctuation and form

I notice that there are many poets who sling emotions about with no sense of form or punctuation which is a product of intellectual laziness on their part. Moreover, I have defended their right to do so. This is the wonder of Postpoems. The site welcomes all comers. However, my defense of their right to post does not mean that I read such tripe.


I would like to point out that my portfolio of poems contains a number of nicely rhyming poems which are properly punctuated. I have also posted many free verse poems which are somewhat structured and properly punctuated. However, poems such as the one above are purposely posted without punctuation as a manner of expressing emotions that are free flowing and salient. Notice also that in this type of poem the first word of each line (except for the first line) is not capitalized to add to the effect. (If I wanted to properly punctuate, I have a daughter who has a Masters Degree in English who would gladly edit my poetry if I asked her. However, as I state above, the lack of punctuation is intentional for effect.)


My sister has lived a life of victimhood. In all of her affairs she is the perennial victim. When she contracted breast cancer she posted numerous pictures of herself with bald head instead of wearing a wig. She did this as an expression of her victimhood. The above poem addresses this. Unlike Starward who bears his present affliction with silent acceptance except as an expression of his Christian beliefs, she shouts “poor me” at every turn. I survived 4th stage colon cancer some 15 years ago. At all times I acted as a survivor rather than as a victim.

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This is not merely a

This is not merely a response, but a three-part essay which gives a succinct analysis of postpoems, a summary of the contents of your poem collection, and then the source of the poem---as well as including, also, one of the finest compliments I have ever received.  

  My mother enjoyed her own victimhood very much.  As I emerged into adolescence, I began to notice how much she blamed anyone and everyone but herself for any circumstances she disliked.  And when I expressed some thought that was not, in her opinion, politically correct, she would always looked at me with pity and ask who put that misinformation into my head,  I can remember actually begging her to at least give me credit for my own mistakes.  When my father passed away in 2007, the funeral home was packed with visitors; when my mother passed in 2013, the same room looked incredibly empty.

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.