I did not hear you breathing last night . . . .

I missed it like so much music silenced

Even the dissonant sounds of snoring

That too I would have gladly endured

Had you been near to be lightly touched

The brush of your hair upon my shoulder

Missing as were the gibberish murmurings

From your mouth in the hours before dawn

Death having whisked you quickly away

Leaving me abed alone in the night

Wishing all my complaints returned . . . .

I missed the sparkle of your smile,

The gleam in your eyes upon awakening.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

An imagined event created from the whole cloth of imagination.

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Glad this was just

Glad this was just imagination on your part, this portrait of loss runs deep, and reflects the truth felt by so many of us. Great write.

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This is tragically beautiful.

This is tragically beautiful. We have a way of angelifying people upon their death, but we also have a way of villifying innocuous parts of them, even in the most subtle ways, in life. It's a truly valuable thing to understand, as best as possible, while there's still time. Thanks for contributing to that.