like many others

came and flew the coop.

a mere footnote in his life

an addendum

of no consequence

by mere coincidence

their worlds colliding

intermingled an instant

two fish in a current

waters momentarily stilled

their meeting happenstance

a serendipitous event

a faint memory

in the stream of their lives

a mere flash of color

in a momentary kaleidoscope.



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Vivid, memorable line pairs

"Two fish in a current / waters momentarily stilled"


It's tough to outdo two lines such as that, particularly in their context. What a way to visualize a quite temporary rendezvous between two lives.Yet you did with "a mere flash of color / in a momentary kaleidoscope". Trying to imagine what those words call upon and visually absorb any one particular color in a quick glance through the scope really drives home the feeling held within the poem.


I also must confess that I have a particular love for kaleidoscopes, which only adds to my appreciation of the metaphor.

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You will find references to kaleidoscopes in more than several of my poems.  It goes back to my childhood.

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An early life fascination?

An early life fascination?

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I could get lost in the colors and remove myself from reality which was not so great.  I later replaced kaleidoscopes with alcohal.  Now I am sober and I also do not need Kaleidoscopes.  Sometimes I do get lost in writing poetry.  But that is probably way too much information.  --  Stephen