I recall when upon the first time we met

You evoked emotions beyond control

An inner yearning, a languid longing,

Fanciful feelings converging in my soul.

I remember your fearful face forlorn

Like a circus clown lost in loneliness

Whimpering from within your mask of mirth,

Your eyes harboring tiny tears of tenderness.


Your emotions pranced on your eyelids

As shifty silhouettes on a window shade,

Furtive feelings dancing in your eyes

To music tragic traumas played.

Your eyes sucked me into the schism of your psyche

Seduced me into the grotto of your soul,

Into the nadir of your melancholy mind,

Into a cavern of emotions out of control.


Your eyes exuded ethereal emotions

Emerging from the depths of your being

Where upon my profoundly probing

Gazing upon the wasteland seeing

Couched in the corners of your mind

A vision of the wandering waif within

Finding only reflections within reflections

Of the lost abandoned child therein.


I searched past the pupils of your eyes

Into the depths of your very being

Sensing the rhythms of songs your soul sang,

Seeking subtle emotions you were fleeing.

I searched past the portal of your eyes

Sensing a deluge of dejection

Trapped between the Scylia of denial

And the Charybdis of rejection.


I felt the soft rhythm of your soul,

The uncontrolled cadence beating

Measures of emotions withheld

Silently, quietly entreating.

I heard the pain of your heart

Like poetry subtly repeating

Verse after verse, line after line

Merging from the past for completing.


I spied within you a gentle creature,

A child from behind the mask peaking,

Awakening with solitary chagrin,

Searching, sadly ever seeking.

I saw that lovely entity

That lurked at the portal of your being

Yielding completely to fear,

That subtle feeling you were fleeing.


I heard you speak of jaded dreams

Long lost in another season

Of livid illusions now faded

Conceived without rhyme or reason.

I listened intently as you spoke

Tales of woe escaping your lips,

The gentle person behind the mask

Fleeing pains of past relationships.


I caressed the sadness your soul belies

From the depths of fear where anger flows

Where your soul holds and confines

Nightmares of horror and woes,

Tragic traumas of childhood pain,

And muted melancholic memories,

As from the bowels of your soul

You recite litanies of mordant miseries.


How valiantly you endeavored to cloak

Expressions of emotions held within,

To conceal the silent secreted sensibilities

You now so freely condescend,

To suppress at best or at least conceal

Subtle emotions you deftly disguised

With coats of anger and dresses of fear

Which you with impromptu style improvised.


How valiantly you flouted reality

Even defied the strictures of time

With delicate dissociations

You so cleverly created in your mind

Hiding with such worldly expertise

In that furtive child fleeing

The quintessence of ethereal emotions,

The very soul of your being.


You secreted the very heart of your being

With barriers and walls you carefully fabricated

Behind a concomitant courtyard of solitary chagrin

Concealing subtle emotions that have all but dissipated.

From within the fortress I heard a melancholy moaning

Whispering words wet with denial, yet seeking,

A sensitive little girl in detachment

Poised at the window of your soul peeking.


Share with me the splendor of your soul,

The gift of your yearning, the gift of your desires,

Those sad inner longings, cravings set adrift

Stoking the flaming of emotional fires.

Let the healing touch of forgiveness

Soothe and remove the splinter of your pain

Allowing you to intrinsically feel

All the emotions your soul will entertain,


Cease fighting the emotions emerging.

Cease the conflict of feelings you have deferred.

Accept the emotions surging in your soul

While learning the meaning true love infers.

Be not unsure of your feelings

Nor be unsure of emotions concealed.

Cast your doubts to restless oceans

Believing the love your heart reveals.


If not for the limits of space and time,

Answers would be questions in retrospect

As questions are no more base

Than answers unquestioned by neglect.

From whence will you find answers

To those questions you never asked?

The answer has always been inferred

Within the gentle person you masked.


Once you have exposed those emotions

Once closed in garments of dread,

Have uncloaked those feelings

You once thought to be dying or dead,

You will no longer be a sad circus clown

Nor an artist of intricate disguise.

You will wear those erumpent emotions

As ethereal gowns under which love lies.

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Well written and very well

Well written and very well expressed. Not a word out of place, every link in the chain connected perfectly. 

  Impressive, the kind of poem one can learn from, thank you for the lesson.