Sometimes, when, on a sultry night abed,

Today and tomorrow gently wed,

My life marooned, an immobile morass,

Like a bug encased in amber glass

I see then my life ever more clearly

Within the stark realities I value so dearly,

See then with clarity deep within my being

Delicate emotions I am forever fleeing.


Sometimes, when, on a sultry night abed,

Lost within the silence of predawn dread,

Immersed then in the solace of your memory,

Abandoned in forbidden, forgotten reverie,

I see secreted in the mirror on the wall

A reflected silhouette in the hall

Of the silken shadow of your smile

Veiling lurking images of denial.


As the veil of darkness subsides,

The melancholy night collides

With the blushing smile of the dawn

Easing the sordid nightmares I spawn.

In this irreverent reflection I connect

With muffled memories seen in retrospect

As delirious delusions are luridly drawn

Of you as the queen and me as the pawn.


As the sun paints its inaugural display 

Leaving the nocturne in disarray

Splashing the bare canvass of the sky

With calm clouds waiting to dry,

Sadly I loll in the stillness of the dawn

Fighting madness my insanity spawns

As a dog’s bark and a cat’s meow

Slander the subtle silence of now.


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Thank you all for the compliments.

But, this poem was during in a drunken stuper at the very end of my active alcohalism.  It describes alcoholic delerium in the middle of the night.  Its writing also proves that good poetry does not necessarily evolve from study 0f poetic techniques as I have never endulged in such study, but may simply seep naturally from the emotional depths of a broken human being even from an altered state of mind.  --  Stephen

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I can relate in that I have

I can relate in that I have never formally studied poetry (though whether I've written as well as you have, I do not know), while simultaneously being unable to relate to the experience under "altered state of mind" - having never gone there. This is a spectacular piece, how ever it was channeled. Glad to hear your alcoholism has moved on, while this treasure can remain.

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THIS...may be my favorite

THIS...may be my favorite piece of your art so far. Outstanding!

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A rewarding read, an

A rewarding read, an excellent insight of talent, thanks for posting Stephen. 

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I never dreamed what it would be like

To cherish a creative son -Imagination