The subtlety of pastel emotions like sea doves

Float upon faint currents beneath fleecy clouds

Intransigent the genuine feelings of lasting love

Once down a lovely back road one may walk back

But never to erase the beauty of it from one’s mind

Nor have the ability to adequately describe it

Thus it is with pastel emotions once experienced.



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I love those first two lines!

I love those first two lines! It's a poetic painting Smile

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Quite a compliment,


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Under a different title

I read this yesterday, I believe, under a different title. I didn't get to leave a comment in the moment, and went looking for it again today, only to find the title changed. I have to say that your previous title was what really caught my attention. I am curious as to why the change? The poem, itself, is quite good. It can stand on it's own, don't get me wrong. But I also thought the title was an effective enhancement.