With perfect seriousness on their faces . . . .


They would take us into the banality of equality

Equality the ultimate opposition of superlative

Equality the new chic religion of the millennials

Feet of black pastors washed the new sacramental

Suffer us with the delusion of hung males as female

The new sacrament of marriage presented as normal 

And so we are canceled, deleted, blocked, unfriended

If we will not partake of their tasteless repast . . . . 

Thus they like sirens beckon us to crash upon their rocks.


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I personally feel that we all

I personally feel that we all have the right to freedom to live our own lives as we see fit as long as it is not intentionally harming another. Anyone forcing their beliefs and lifestyles on another is not a person who loves freedom. 

And just for the record to anyone against racism, where are their cries for justice for all the black men bought and sold in slave markets TODAY in Libia? When we elected a black man as president it was happening. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state. Demecratic rulership. Did they protest? Any protest about the 300,000 blacks killed in Sudan by Arab malitia? Do black lives only matter in your city, state, country? 

Sorry... just saying. I know that wasn't the language of your poem, but I read th e comments.



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The problem is most Americans

The problem is most Americans think slavery ended a long time ago. They don't understand slavery still exists around the world. 

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It's divide and conquer. If

It's divide and conquer. If we are fighting eachother we are not United and fighting against the real problem. Like child trafficking. Talk about slavery...children of EVERY color in EVERY country!  It's crimes against humanity we should be protesting. The only power they have is the power we let them have. As long as we let them pull our strings, we can't bitch about being treated like puppets. I don't understand why history has to keep repeating itself.  Short term memory...a glitch in the program

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why wouldn't you want

why wouldn't you want everyone to get a fair shot? that's how milennials are looking at equality

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They are not talking about a fair shot. They are talking about their religion of equality in which everyone must conform.  See the books "1984" and "Brave New World."

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conformity is for the weak,

conformity is for the weak, but anti-racism and anti-prejudice can be for all

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I am white married to a black woman.  If the world followed our lead we would not have a problem.  That is why we both yawn when we see all of this unfold. In any event, this poem is about this brave new world of conformity proffered by the milliniels and is not specifically about racism.  My writing is always misconstrued.  (Sigh)

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'cancel culture' is very

'cancel culture' is very real...I also wrote about it in my latest piece. a lot of ppl are afraid to say anything right now, because they don't want to be 'cancelled' for say the 'wrong thing'. 

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i think this is the first

i think this is the first poem i've read by you, Stephen... i liked it... gimme more more, thankyouthankyou... :))

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I march to the beat of a different drummer.

Thanks for the comment.  ---    Stephen