Sad the confusion of his cognitive state

Carried on currents of intrusive thoughts , , , ,


Aha moments at every bend in the road

Lead him down rabbit holes of distortion

As new truths issue through waves of static

Entangled in a foul metaphysical underbrush

God vocalizing tenets in a new language daily

New truths carrying him on waves of elation

Followed by the melancholy of depression

No comfort found save occasional relief

In the of arms of his freehand poetry. . . .


Death apparently the only permanent solution.




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Life is just confusion and

Life is just confusion and fear it seems. Gone are all the reliable and comforting rules and guidelines now it has become an anything goes and no rules apply world. We are dazed confused and tormented at every turn.

Thank goodness for poetry, an escape route definitely.


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troubled and depressed

troubled and depressed looking for something to hold on to,poetry sooths the soul

ron parrish

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Aha moments--the best kind.

Aha moments--the best kind.