Non-binary a complicated choice among many

Where there was once simply man and woman.


Poor little lost children now dazed and confused ask:

Who am I? What am I?


Disarranged in the Cosmos,

Like lizards in the desert they wander aimlessly.


Mirages on every horizon entice them mercilessly:

Come follow me to a place of delicious destiny.”


Their religion of equality is an aberration of spirituality

Sameness worn like an albatross around their necks.


Dare they look over the horizon into my disillusionment?


Little miss queer girl, I will let you be my muse.

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In the end, it will all start

In the end, it will all start over...look what we got to look forward to.  Lol

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Wow!, that's a powerful

Wow!, that's a powerful piece.  Left me at a loss for words.


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