Like a chance find

on a deserted beach

in the midst of

a nonchalant stroll

he picked her up 

in a dive bar

a random encounter

coincidence the incidence

of their chance meeting

the covergence of two worlds

in a wierd twist of fate

the happenstance of this

a special delight within

the quixotic cosmos.


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All things happen for a reason

Ahh to walk those paths again, memories Of the foolish and brave youth, seems like a film of a forgotten tale these days.

this is not the end, this is not the begining of the end, this is merely the end of the begining.

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I like it. different. short

I like it. different. short yet packed a punch

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ah, young lust.  those

ah, young lust.  those weren't the days.

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I thought you might like this.