After years of emotionally draining struggle . . . .


The intensity of his pain echoed across the room

His inner spirit in ruins destroyed to the foundation

A once proud man now prostrate, humbled to the core

His very essence rent in anticipation, in preparation

Awaiting the whispered call of the master to his fate . . . .


His ears now prepared to hear the invitation.




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Cascade's picture can take it out of can take it out of you for sure. My mother suffered for years just to breathe, she was anxious to leave

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Being there, doing that, even

Being there, doing that, even as I write this.  The great French poet, Claudel, is said to have gone through it also, and it is supposed to be the gateway to a greater and more comprehensive contentment.  And, yet again, I applaud your ancient Aeschylean format.


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No surprise

I wrote this while observing you and your experience several days ago.