like Hemingway

unable to accept

living life

at a lesser pace

end it

at their own hands

while others

cling to life

long after

life has lost

all meaning


long before

they leave this world.



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They tell me that Hemingway

They tell me that Hemingway beat up the poet T S Eliot when they were young men at college, and that, later, in 1939, he beat up the poet Wallace Stevens, who was then sixty years old, because a remark Stevens had made had caused Hemingway's sister to cry.  Out of respect for those who admire him, I will not make a comment about his ultimate end.


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This poem has little to do with Hemingway.  It is about how people deal with old age.  Hemingway was just an example which I used because of his notoriety.  I could just as well used Robin Williams or Anthony Bourdain as the example.  Stephen

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some would argue that

some would argue that Hemmingway and HST acted with courage at the end.  I'll refrain from taking any side.

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In accord with your comment, I was only making an observation.  Stephen