Homage like ancient offerings to the gods . . . .


Accordingly it is with the ladies of this ilk today

Their needs with absolute subtlety expressed

Their means perfectly honed by feminist gurus

Like Sirens of old they entice and persuade

With plans so refined and sophisticated

The essence of its design is not discerned . . . .


Obeisance presented on gilded platters sought

Unblushingly through understated schemes.   




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No matter how many times I

No matter how many times I see your use of this form, I am always amazed at how very classic it sounds.  It makes me think of Aeschylus, who added the second actor to the Greek theater:  and in  this forr you have created, the Chorus speaks first and last, and the second actor has the middle material.  Bravo!  And again, Bravo!


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