Withdraw into the woodlands

in the autumn of your years

emerging in the winter of life

to be one with the cosmos

to bask in the light of the spirit

translucent like a jellyfish

darting inevitably into the abyss

at the termination of this existence.



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I love it !

I love it !

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I Like The Prosaic Narrative

I thought it was a fine narrative because it delves into the matter of being, as you have replied with the other commenter, because it expresses the existence in a way that opens up one's true warm & fuzzy feelings inside.


I wish you well or a better health, after that I have learned and known about such physical ailment/condition based on your profile.


 The allusion to the Hindu belief and spirituality was on point. And that was what made me comment, too (aside from the jellyfish animal in this wonderfully expressed imagery of the sea creature seemingly drowning—but something that which is not).  That's what makes poetry a work of art!  

I must read between the lines.



-Anonymous Starseed in PostPoems.org

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I don't have enough theology

I don't have enough theology to speak about this one.


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It is not about theology, just about being.


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See how little I had to bring

See how little I had to bring to the poem, I missed even that detail.    My bad!  I thought the poem was about human nature, from the Hindu perspective.