Starlight reflects
off my window sill
into my window
voyeurs peer
moonlight silhouettes
on the wall dancing
like fireflies afire
in the hot night air. 




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Some of your poems have the

Some of your poems have the oddest effect on this reader:  the lines are so smooth that they seem to be enjambed on rhymes (I will let you look up enjambment).  Then I look again and the rhyme is not there, but the smoothness of each line sure is, and it feels like going over a gentle waterfall (which is where I look for the rhyme), and then when I look back it is not there.  This is a very good aspect to have in your poems, and I applaud your major talent.


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Quite a compliment.


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You're welcome.  I know it

You're welcome.  I know it was a little verbose, but it got the point across---you write free verse with the smoothness of rhymed verse, a great accomplishment in my opinion.